The House of the Seven Gables, Salem, Massachusetts – October 4, 2009

Prior to writing this blog post, I never really bothered wondering what a “gable” actually was. But I do know that I had to see this House with the Seven Gales while I was in Salem.

Aside from being a historical building, there was a novel of the same name in our house for many years. So the name had recall to me. I never read the book, but there was a drawing on the cover.

According Wikipedia, a gable is a triangular section of the house. And this house… had 7… of course.

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We took a lot of pictures outside. I was too cheap to pay for the tour and go inside. From the witch house and the witch museum. I wasn’t sure if it was worthwhile… hehe.

For more information, visit the official website and Wikipedia

Witch House, Salem, Massachusetts – October 4, 2009

I attempted a roadtrip from Westford to Salem yesterday, Oct 3rd. But the rains were quite heavy. Not to be defeated, I pursued the trip today with of my officemates from Manila.

Salem is one of those towns which one hears about over the years from American Movies and Television shows. Salem is a beautiful little town in Massachusetts, but is best known for the witchcraft trials of 1692.

The only structure which has still stands since 1962 which had any direct ties to the Witchcraft Trials of 1692 is a house known as Witch house. It wasn’t home to any witches but it was the home of Judge Jonathan Corwin. Corwin was called upon to investigate the claims of diabolical activity when a surge of witchcraft accusations arose in Salem and neighboring communities. He served on the Court of Oyer and Terminer, which ultimately sent nineteen to the gallows. All nineteen refused to admit to witchcraft and maintained their innocence. ( More info at the website )

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I got a real kick visiting the town of Salem. I’d always been fascinated by the stories of Salem and the superstition surrounding it. I was never really into witchcraft itself and I am not into goth… but it was definitely a kick to be in this little town with such history.

We went to the back of the house where the “giftshop” was. We were convinced to cough up $8.50 for the self-guided tour and we got around to walk around the house.

ActonFortWashington200910 021

This is the main dining area where the family entertained guests.

ActonFortWashington200910 025

Above is the family dining area. I learned something interesting about the era from a description posted on the wall. If you note, there are no utensils on the table. Apparently, they ate with their hands. And they scooped up stuff using bread. And so I wondered… so that is where the “using bread” practice started… it had a practical purpose.

ActonFortWashington200910 023

Fireplace where they did cooking. No magic potions here. That rea light was from a red bulb hanging over the pot for effect.

ActonFortWashington200910 027


Master’s bedroom.ActonFortWashington200910 030

Children’s bedroom. It was full of other tools of the era like that huge loom.

ActonFortWashington200910 035

It was in interesting place. I don’t know if it was worth $8.50 though :)

ActonFortWashington200910 049

I still recommend people visit here when they get the chance. It’s so full of history. Just make sure you don’t expect to find any witches.

From the Witch House we wandered around Salem to soak up its history.

ActonFortWashington200910 074

We and a Gandalf-type wizard

ActonFortWashington200910 073

In the town square we encountered some characters acting out a scene. We couldn’t quite figure out what they were acting out though.

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ActonFortWashington200910 083

Lots of interesting architecture.

ActonFortWashington200910 087

We ended up taking in a short historical show at the Salem Witch Museum. It was interesting.

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We came across some interesting friends…

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… and for some reason we ended up in a cemetery… in Salem!

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