MTB Trek to Giant, Mt. Maarat, Rizal – August 31, 2009

It’s was a great outdoor weekend. Went diving in Anilao on Sunday 8/30/2009, if only the aborted trek to Mt. Pinatubo pushed through on Saturday (didn’t push through due to closure of DOT of the trek… more).

This trek to Maarat was with fellow Ateneo batch mates and planned by Ricky Gomez and James Guiab two weeks prior. We sched to meet up by 7:30am, but as Pinoy times go, we got going at 8:00am… which we learned later was late considering. We met up at the Timberland clubhouse as no one was in the mood to go up “The Wall” from Aling Tina’s.

This was my second trip here. My friends Bong delos Reyes and Joey Cruz brought me a few months earlier via the Shotgun trail on the other side. I have not forgiven them for that yet.

This particular trek was quite leisurely and not too difficult. Though we did have one friend drop out for medical reasons during the first 15 min up.



Maraat20090831 029

Maraat20090831 026


Picture taking moments are excuses to rest. So we had lots of photo ops.


After reaching the end point at around 10:45am we stopped for corned beef, luncheon meat, and drinks before going back down.

When we got down at around 12:30 The “parking lot” was devoid of cars… except for ours. Kind of subtle hint that we started off (and ended) later than the other bikers.

More Pictures (and that of turkeys) at our respective Facebook Albums (Mine, Kathy Vergara’s, and James Guiab’s)

This was pretty good ride. And I hardly lived up to my PinoyMTB username “BikeWalker” much this time :).

Till the next ride!

La Mesa Ecopark, Novaliches – August 8, 2009

Ah… the good old outdoors. Every now and then, it’s great to make Lakwatsa amongst nature… with all the clean air, lush greens, insects, and mud. Last August 8, 2009 , at the prodding of high school buddy James Guiab, I went on a trail bile trip to the La Mesa Ecopark in Novaliches. (website)

This was my 3rd trip to La Mesa, but it doesn’t get any easier.

August was certainly weird on the weather. I had opted out of a trip with James a few days earlier because it was raining. Now, a few days later… the sun was kinda out but it was muddy.

LaMessa20090808 006

Me and my trusty bike…

LaMessa20090808 008

James lives for the photo-ops

LaMessa20090808 010

Due to the rains, the rivers were higher than normal. One had two options… the on the left… or the one on the right. I took… the one on the right.

LaMessa20090808 012

Are we there yet?

La Mesa Ecopark 

But of course, in some cases there is just no choice, so you have to just attack the water head on!

LaMessa20090808 023

Bikers familiar with La Mesa will recognize where the above picture was taken. This is the first time I have seen the waters so brown and so “active.”

LaMessa20090808 030

LaMessa20090808 015

During these trips, you meet new people. With me here are King, DenDen (our guide) and Jovan.

LaMessa20090808 028

This is s treat! Met Aling Norma who had suman available for the weary. The one the right is "puti" daw, or plain and salted. On the right… ube na madyo matamis. Yum. I ended up buying more to bring home. P10@ though James suggested she sell them at P100@

LaMessa20090808 035

At the end, my bike was covered in mud.

LaMessa20090808 038

This is a new service. For P30 they clean your bike with a power streaming water thingamajig. Yes, I know this is potentially bad for the bike. But hey… it was a cool service and I wasn’t going load a mud-caked bike on my car.

LaMessa20090808 039

After all that… the reward. Lunch at Chowking.