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Follow the adventures and explorations of a former couch-potato turned traveller. This blog is testament that travelling doesn’t require a lot of angst and planning. Any lakwatsa can start out as a simple impulse getting into a car and just going… when hungry, eat… when thirsty, drink… when sleepy, sleep… when you feel it… take a crap.

The blog mainly highlights travels around the Philippines, but of course not limited to local travel. The Philippines is a beautiful place with lots of great places to see and experience.

Join me explore this big beautiful world of ours.

Who is The Lakwatsero?

The Lakwatsero is Jojo Ayson, born and raised in the not-so-small island-filled country known as the Philippines. Most people primarily know him as a Techie, a Geek, or a Gadgeteer. Seen in recent history at Microsoft events doing demos on Microsoft products ranging from Windows to XBOX. Though he is also one of many interests. This blog strives to showcase 3 of those “other” interests… travel, food, and photography.

In real life.

Professionally, I’ve been in the IT Industry my whole working career. I started out as a Computer Teacher at the Ateneo High School and have been in IT ever since. My career has taken me to companies as small start ups to as large as SAP and Microsoft. I’ve worked for a video software company called SeaChange. I once worked for San Miguel Corporation with the Telco Project and when it briefly acquired Philippine Airlines. I also had an awesome stint with the advertising agency DDB and its Digital Marketing arm, TribalWorldwide. I currently work for JG Summit Holdings in Corporate IT. I guess with whatever I do in life, I know that my passions revolve around technology. When I look back at the work I have done, I’ve always excelled around teaching and technology evangelism.

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The Lakwatsero

I’ve travelled the world. Starting at an early age, I’ve been all over Europe (Holland, Germany, Switzerland, England, Belgium, Luxemburg, Itally) and America (both coasts). It’s only now that I am exploring my own country… which is full of amazing sights and wonders. I only wish I did this sooner.

jojo lakwatsero 1 vignetteaAs implied above, I love travelling. I enjoy watching travel shows and reading travel articles in magazines like PAL’s Mabuhay Magazine. And in all that time I guess I devolved to what is referred to as an “arm chair traveler.” I would dream of travelling the world and travelling the Philippines… and that is where the problems lies… they remained dreams. All plans. No execution.

The one day in December 2008, I was telling a group of friends how I always wanted to go Taal Volcano. We always see it when we go to Tagaytay but I have always heard that you could take a boat to the volcano itself (then again all of those guys in Tagaytay with those signs saying “Boat Ride to Taal” didn’t help). Then after my spiel of saying how I always planned to go there but never did, one of my friends, Jasper, blurted out a dare and said… sige, tara. That weekend, we went to Taal (story here) and that is where it all began. The following week, we went to Mt. Pinatubo. And it’s been a thrill ride ever since.

And thus was born The Lakwatsero.

The Blog

As for this blog, I had been planning (and procrastinating) to work on a travel blog for months. And so here we are. The Lakwatsero Travel Blog.

For those wondering, I can’t find a dictionary definition for Lakwatsero. But loosely translated it means simply “someone who travels sometimes aimlessly” Of course there are deeper meanings, but let’s leave it at that.


Hope you enjoy my adventures.


Jojo Ayson



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