The ubiquitous airline safety video seen on many airlines are usually boring and blah. I am not ashamed to admit it, I sleep through most of them. As a seasoned traveller, I pretty much memorized what to need to do while on my seat and in case of an emergency. Keep my safety belt fastened, fasten it loosely while seated, when the oxygen masks drop from the ceiling put your own first before helping others, follow emergency path lights to the nearest exit, the nearest door could be to your rear, etc.

Many of the videos are produced once then reused for years, I assume for budgetary purposes. Locally, this is the case for Philippine Airlines which uses the same videos for a decade before changing it. Oh well, buti pa sila, Cebu Pacific doesn’t even have a safety video, simply because… most of their planes don’t have monitors or in seat screens… again, for budgetary purposes.

Except for Air New Zealand. Every so often they update their safety videos which are always entertaining.  A few years ago, I flew Air New Zealand for the first time and caught this hilarious video starting Richard Simmons

Today I came across this amazing video entitled “Safety in Paradise”. When I saw it, I smiled, I laughed, then I sighed… “this would have been perfect for Philippine Airlines.”

Here it is, enjoy…


Air New Zealand has quote a number of awesome videos on its YouTube channel at

My personal favorite was the one inspired by The Hobbit:


This is Philippine Airlines’ current Saftey Video. It’s nice and all, especially when it was launched in 2011. Its cute and funny and all. But don’t you think its time it was updated, especially since they are trying to retire their 747s.