Low Yat Plaza

Low Yat Plaza, Geek’s Paradise in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I know, I know. I find myself in another country, full of wonder and amazing cultural places of interest, and where do I end up as my first “tourist attraction?” The IT Mall.


Low Yat Plaza is to Malaysia as Funan Digital IT Mall is to Singapore (as opposed to Sim Lim Square). I would say Low Yat is a high-end IT haven full of branded IT items ranging from Computer to Cellphones.

As with the IT Trends these days, most of the stuff in Low Yat these days are either Tablets or Mobile Phones of various brands, models, and sizes.  Next to that… cameras… then PCs (PCs are now taking a back seat to tablets even in IT malls)

Ok… as I am like a little kid in a toy store, I forgot to actually take more pictures while inside the multi-level tech haven.

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