Taking a break from the nature-filled adventures I am used to, I decided to explore the Genting Highlands… not totally sure of what to expect.

Genting Highlands is actually a development by Resorts World but the whole resort is on a mountain top with various other hotel operators.  Gunung Ulu Kali is like Filipino’s Baguio except its just 1 hour away from Kuala Lumpur.

Winston and I set out to get to Genting Highlands via bus from the Pudu Sentral Bus Station. We got to the station around 10:00am, and we actually saw the 10am bus to Genting leave the station, we thought we could make it to the 10:30 bus.


Unfortunately for us, just like in the airlines, the other trips were now fully booked (mental note for the future) and that the next available trip for those w/o tickets already was around 12:30. We looked at each other and considered the next best option… a TAXI. Which would just cost us 60 RM.

And so we were off! After around 40 min we reached the bottom of the mountain. “That was fast” I thought to myself. Only to realize that getting up the mountain was another 20 min.


While the taxi was climbing up the mountain, we began to see an unexpected sight… FOG! And here we are in shorts! We were definitely not prepared for this.

It was then that I thought that it was nice that there some place like this, so near the city, yet a place to enjoy a cool breeze of mountain air.

We got off the taxi and headed for the ticket booth. We opted to get the all park pass for both the Outdoor and the Indoor Theme Parks.


All banded up. Next problem… where to go?

KualaLumpurAPX201206 029

As we walked around the park… the thick fog was rolling in.

KualaLumpurAPX201206 031

KualaLumpurAPX201206 035

KualaLumpurAPX201206 033

After wandering about, we decided to try out the roller coaster

KualaLumpurAPX201206 037


KualaLumpurAPX201206 044

KualaLumpurAPX201206 045

The entire ride takes roughly one minute. While milder than an American roller coaster ride, it does have its moments of thrills… particularly the loops… it is after all called “corkscrew”

From the roller coaster we wandered a bit and had lunch.

KualaLumpurAPX201206 096

We then passed this ride the “Flying Coaster” which is like a regular roller coaster except that you are in a “Superman” type position. We would have wanted to take the ride but, the line was long and the ride only takes 4 persons at a time.

KualaLumpurAPX201206 047

We wandered into the Indoor Park… and right be entrance we tried te 4D experience which was a take on “The Little Prince.”

KualaLumpurAPX201206 051

From here, we signed up for the “Genting Sky Venture”… the indoor skydiving experience. That experience deserves its own blog post (plus, I need to rip the DVD first and post it on YouTube when I get back to Manila)

KualaLumpurAPX201206 093

While waiting for our 3PM timeslot for the skydiving, we passed the time in the Ripley’s Believe it or not Museum.

KualaLumpurAPX201206 064

I’ve been to two other Ripley’s museums. One in San Francisco and the other in Orlando, Florida. Each one has its own set of oddities.

KualaLumpurAPX201206 070

KualaLumpurAPX201206 072

Ripley’s is always fun.

KualaLumpurAPX201206 086

KualaLumpurAPX201206 088

From here we went to the Sky Venture for the Sky Diving (again, that is a separate post).

KualaLumpurAPX201206 061

Al in all Genting Highlands was an interesting place. It is definitely more for kids, but still has something for adults. And interestingly enough as we walked around. A lot the kiddie rides had adults in them… without kids. So I guess this is also a place for those wanting to just be a kid again!

The place isn’t Disneyland, but it is still a nice place for the family.

KualaLumpurAPX201206 095

From here, we went to the Batu Caves