Before watching The Avengers for the nth time, my friends I had dinner at Sango at Power Plant Mall in Rockwell. I have heard of this from some friends, one of which so obsessive about Sango’s Burgers. So I guess the proper hype was built up inside me.


Since it was the first time my basic question was of course “what makes them special.” Apparently, they have a poster explaining it. I only saw this on the way out. I assumed a burger is a burger.


I am a meat eater, and to me the beefier the better. This is why I say without apologies that I love McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with cheese… though I will admit that I can’t handle the double-quarter pounder. One thing I also appreciate with McDonald’s burgers is their “eatability” due to the shorter bun… a reason why gourmet burgers usually do not tickle my fancy. (more on the relevance of this rant later on).

So I ordered the Master  Cheese Burger. A nice enough name. But at P320, I had high hopes.

For a drink I ordered the Calpis Water. A carbonated drink which tastes like “Yakult”… well, that was the claim of the waiter. I tasted good… but hardly tasted like Yakult. It actually tasted like Sprite with a little creamy syrup. Anyway, this was drink-all-you-can, and I had around eight of these (para sulit!)


The burger came… it had some real fries with it, meaning NOT frozen. Good could have used some salt.


And then… the burger…


My first reaction was that it was so ginormous. Immediately I got turned off. The bun was so thick. I gave my example of the classic McDonald’s Quarter Pounder. Here, you have a bun with is easily 8x the thickness of the beef patty. A no-no to the beef lover. For me the bread to patty ratio should lean towards the patty. That said, I cant imagine the logic behind this thick chunk of bread.

On to the beef patty. It was so thin. Hardly worth the P320 I was paying for.

Meat sauce. Ok, maybe the meat sauce makes up for the thin beef patty. But it doesn’t. I had hardly a prominent flavor to it. While resembling something like Chili Sauce… it lacked in flavor. Plus it added to the mess factor in burger eating.

The problem I have with a thick bread bun is that it is hard to eat. I feel a burger should be eaten with the hands. Using a fork and knife is just wrong. That said, even with a fork and knife, it is also difficult to eat… it is hard to come up with perfect bite… again due to the thickness of a bread.

How does it taste? When I was asked my friends how I was finding it, my reaction was a big… MEH! The burger is NOT great. It wasn’t bad, it just was not exciting. I kept on thinking the two things I mentioned. 1) The bread is too thick and 2) the patty is so thin… plus of course 3) this sauce is too messy.

The only interesting thing for me was the cheese tasted interesting.

I guess you can imagine my experience was less than great. As I said… “MEH!”

This is of course my humble opinion. My taste buds are were just not attuned to this experience. My burger desires are more primal I guess. I am sure that other folks love this place and will defend it to the core. To each their own.

For the cost of a burger 3x that of the ever sacred Quarter Pounder. I would rather eat in a roadside Burger Machine which has more flavor than at Sango ever again. The Burger Master… they are not.