For my birthday last April, I treated one of my barkadas to an interesting little place in Pasig. This group of mine always gets together for one of our birthdays, usually at some new and interesting place. My specific interest in this place was the fact that they are known for FONDUE. We have been talking about doing fondue for several years and never really got around to it. When I came across this place while reading some Foodie blog posts, I knew this has got to be the resto to treat for my birthday.

Fondue is one of those forms of dishes which isn’t very popular in the Philippines. It’s rare. I’ve probably had fondue around 5-7 times in all my life. The last restaurant where I had fondue was Old Swiss Inn in Makati.

Fondue, Swiss in origin, is where folks would dip a food item into a common pot usually filled with cheese.  Filipinos are probably more familiar with the dessert variety of dipping marshmallows and fruit into chocolate… though in recent years this has given way to a chocolate fountain at parties, but the concept remains somewhat the same. The experience really isn’t new to Filipinos in general. It’s kinda like going to a shabu-shabu restaurant… well, in a way.

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The restaurant is located at D’ Ace Plaza in Pasig, known for “Ace Water Spa.”IMG_3258

As you can probably guess, it is called Eleven Tables because the place has eleven tables. Eleven square tables. In our case, the four of us automatically occupied 2 tables.

I had txted ahead to make a reservation. But when we got there… the place was empty. It was a Sunday night though. It filled up with more groups as the evening drew on.



We went all fondue for the evening. 1 appetizer, 2 main. and 1 dessert. All of it… fondue.

First off Bacon, Cheddar, and Tomato. Yum! You can just see the bacon and the sea of melted cheese! It was… AWESOME!


For the savory fondue, we went with both option available. With these dishes they come with a communal pot of oil in which you cook the item (as opposed to dipping it in the cheese variant).

The Beef Bourguignonne.


Beef is always good! (I am a beef eater… yes, I belong to those that look as vegetables as decoration on a plate and not meant to be eaten).

They had an assortment of sauces for us to dip into. I forget what they were… some mustard like dip and a wasabe dip and 2 others.


We also had the Seafood Bourguignonne which came with scallops, salmon, white fish, and prawns


And for dessert we had (of course) Dark Chocolate. Came with potato chips, bananas, marshmallows, and wafers.



Our meal was definitely… different.

The experience itself was quite interesting. After all, one doesn’t get to do fondue often in Manila. In retrospect, having 4 different fondue dishes became a little redundant. But then again, we wanted to immerse ourselves into the experience.

I could say, it was a great… and unique… way of spending my birthday with friends.

If you are into something different for a change… try out the fondue at Eleven Tables. Just remember that it isn’t a spoon and fork type of place with rice. You have a skewer and you do a lots of poking and dipping.


Contact Details:
Eleven Tables
D’ Ace Plaza, United Street corner Brixton Street
Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City
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