My tour guide, Matti, picks me up from the hotel at around 10am and we set off for Puna Pau… the quarry for the “pukao” also known as the “red hats”


It’s a short trip because as you can see, it is a short distance from Hanga Roa.

EasterIsland20120401 683

EasterIsland20120401 703

We make our way up a short trail. You can see some of the pukao on the left.

EasterIsland20120401 685

Pukaos scattered along the hill side. I would imagine these would be easier to transport around the island. They were probably just rolled around like big wheels.

EasterIsland20120401 686

The ancient Rapa Nui people were quite artistic in a sense. Not only do they carve out these massive statues… they design to add a little décor by carving out… at a separate location… these red hats to adorn the statues.

EasterIsland20120401 689

The pukao or topknots are not really “hats.” but rather, they are the hair of the statues. It’s like a woman’s ponytail or bun with hair pulled up and tied at the head.

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Just like how the moai were transported and erected, a big mystery exists over how they pukao were placed on top of the moai. Archeologists have theories. But nothing is really certain.

EasterIsland20120401 688

The crater from which the red rock was harvested.

EasterIsland20120401 692

Pukao along the hillside.

EasterIsland20120401 699

EasterIsland20120401s 110

From here, one of my more favorite ahus… Ahu Akivi.