I arrived on Easter Island at around 6am. The tour folk picked me up and settled me into my hotel. After having some breakfast and unpacking at the hotel, I set out on a 3 hour walk around the town of Hanga Roa. By the time I got to the town, it was around 11:40 am so I decided to locate a local eatery and have some lunch.

I didn’t know what kind of food dare was available on the island. As I walked amongst the restaurants in town, I noted that the food wasn’t at all that exotic. Seafood, Beef, Chicken… cooked in the typical manners. I would say that the food is more South American rather than Polynesian.

Confused by my choices I reached the end of a wharf and decided to try the restaurant at the end, La Kaleta


What appealed to me of course was its location. Note the tables and their view of the sea and the reef.


When I got there, there were only a few other patrons aside from myself with only 1/3 of the available tables occupied. I chose table with an awesome view.


I could have just sat there and enjoyed the sound of the waves and the cool breeze.

But alas, I was there to eat.

The menu was interesting. A lot of seafood choices and selections of Ceviche. I decided to ask the waiter for what he recommended. Straight away, he suggested a roated tuna with mashed sweet potato in a pineapple sauce…. and so I went with that.

He brought out some bread an an interesting spread. He described it Spanish, so I wasn’t sure what it was. I think he said the word Mayonnaise somewhere there. Anyway… the spread was awesome.


Then came my main course.

It was a thick over-an-inch thick slab of tuna, cooked “medium well” with a pinkish middle.


The cut was quite generous. Pinoys are used to tuna from either the head, belly, or tail. I am sure this part was from neither of the parts mentioned.


The tuna was seasoned well with great flavors. The mashed sweet potato was also interesting… though I am not a fan of sweet potato.

There… my first meal on the island. It was actually a sign of the interesting food I would have for the next few days on Easter Island.