Planning my trip to Easter Island wasn’t as much of a challenge as I expected. Granted that Easter Island is said to be to “the most remote inhabited island in the world.”  A high school classmate of mine, and fellow adventurer, Gabby Malvar, is the only other person I personally know who has been to Easter Island. When I asked him how to get there, he told me it was “complicated” to get there, requiring several transfers and modes of transportation. Perhaps I heard him wrong, but that is what stuck to my mind. When I actually researched it… it wasn’t that complicated at all.

Where is Easter Island? While technically part of Chile, Easter Island is around 2,180 miles west of the coast of mainland Chile.

View Easter Island (Rapa Nui) in a larger map


My research started by finding out the name of the airport on Easter Island. The Mataveri International Aiport located in Hanga Roa on Easter Island (Rapa Nui in Polynesian, or Isla de Pascua in Spanish) with IATA Airport code… IPC (as derived from Isla de Pascua).

Trivia: Easter Island’s location thus makes Mateveri the most remote airport in the world.

From there, a quick route search via online airline/travel sites like helped me plan my trip. Originally beginning my airport origin from LA, I decided to start my origin at San Francisco (SFO) and find out how many legs it take me to travel to Easter Island (IPC). Depending on number of legs and prices I discovered that most direct flight would take me just two flights. A 9 hour flight from San Francisco (SFO) to Lima, Peru (LIM), and a roughly 5 hour flight from Lima to Easter Island… all this through LAN Airlines. Lucky for me, LAN had added seasonal flights from Lima to Easter Island. Normally one would have needed to fly to Santiago de Chile which would have added 2 hours to my flight.

14 hours? Not bad. This is of course after comparing various flights, multiple legs, and transferring airlines which could have resulted in as long as a 23 hour travel time from San Francisco.


When is the best time to get to Easter Island. Depending on what you hear and what your read, the best time is somewhere between October to March. From April, the rains become more frequent. Easter Island being a tropical island, it does rain every day, but what matters is when it rains, and for how long. It also helps to check online weather sites. But in my case, I really had no choice because I had planned by trip for Holy Week.  After all, wouldn’t it be quaint to spend Easter week on Easter Island?

Lucky for me, when I got to the island, I was greeted by great weather with rains only in the evenings.