Bulalo Point, Tagaytay

Bulalo Point, Tagaytay

On the way back from Laiya, Batanas, I had a craving for Bulao! So we decided to stop by Tagaytay City and search for some really great Bulalo.

Who doesn’t love Bulalo? Well, unless you are vegan or a health food nut, bulalo is one of those local delicacies which brings your stomach straight to heaven (and you if you eat too much of it, you will go to heaven sooner than expected).

Along the ridge overlooking Taal Volcano, you will soon encounter an assortment of restaurants offering the delectable dish. What caught our eye… in a big bold sign… was Bulalo Point.


A nice little place with some tables that overlook Taal lake.

We arrived there at around 11am… and the all of the little kubos where already all taken. By the time 12 noon rolled in the parking lot was full and the place was crowded. So if you do plan to go here… be sure to arrive early.


Afraid of over ordering for 2 pax… we just decided on two items… The Special Bulalo (funny thing was there was no “Regular” Bulalo option on the menu). And… Bicol Express for a semblance of vegetables.

I actually wanted to order a crispy pata as well, but I think that was pushing it.


And thus it arrived in the classic palayok…


I opened it up, and amidst a nice steam of beefy goodness… our bulalo


The soup and the bulalo were simply… AWESOME!

Word of warning. This is advertised for 2 pax. But I guess depending on how hungry you are, this could stretch out to 3-4 people.

And if you are wondering… YES! I ate the bone marrow! In all its cholesterol-drenched goodness!


Our Bicol Express came. It was good… but didn’t taste like the bicol express I an used to. It resembled more gising-gising to me.


Not sure if this is the best bulalo in Tagaytay… but it was sure good! I will come back here.


  1. I am now craving for Bulalo, Kahit ilang araw ko ulam to hindi ako magsasawa. ^_^

  2. I just came from Tagaytay and tried the Bulalo at Leslie’s. I’m definitely trying this one next time… hindi nakapalayok yung sa Leslie’s eh.

  3. hi..
    can i have the address of this restaurant?
    ano pa magandang gawin sa tagaytay?

    super thanks!

  4. We’ve been there last April and the Bulalo is as per the the attached picture and that is also true that it will be for 3 – 4 pax..Also, ione of my favorite is sisig so, we ordered it and for me it is one of the best sisig i’ve tasted..

    The only thing i don’t like in that place is the toilet..it was not that neat or tidy..

  5. Matikman nga kung masarap ang pagkain dyan..

  6. im excited to taste bulalo san po location ng bulalo point….????

    • I describe the directions sa post. Its easy to find.

  7. We went Tagaytay yesterday and if it wasn’t for this website we haven’t gone to Bulalo point. Question is- do you really know what a Good Bulalo taste like????? Come on their Bulalo has the worst I’ve ever tasted in my life and I could have sworn it’s nothing but generic salty crap!

    On the lighter note, we should’ve tried the Mahogany Market instead.

    • Yup. I know what really good bulalo tastes like. Anyway, to each their own, we all have different tastes and opinions regarding what is good and what is not. I respect your opinion, as well you should respect mine. Let’s just agree to disagree then.

      Then again, perhaps your batch was just bad.

    • I agree with Paul. Their bulalo is way too salty. We even have it requested to replace with less saltier, yet they gave us the same saltiness. This restaurant is overrated.

      • Well, each to their own taste. Or maybe your batch wasn’t as awesome as the ones I had when I was there. Be that as it may, the bowls of bulalo I had during the 4 times I’ve been there were simply amazing.

  8. I want to try out that place this December. By the way, are they pet friendly resto? I noticed that they have private nipa huts there and since they are situated outside I’m hoping they are pet friendly. Are they?

  9. Went there last night and yummy ang bulalo nila! sakto ang weather sa food! <3 what I dont like sa bulalo point is ung parking…

  10. thanks for sharing. punta kmi tagaytay sa easter sunday and eto lang ung swak sa budget nabulalohan

  11. oh delicious…!


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