From Ahu Te Pito Kura, we make our way to the final destination for my second day on the spectacularly awesome Easter Island. A beach called Anakena.


Anakena is a white coral sand beach within Rapa Nui National Park.  There are two Ahus on Anakena. One with six moai… another with one.

According to island oral traditions, Anakena was the landing place of Hotu Matu’a, a Polynesian chief who led a two canoe settlement party here and founded the first settlement on Rapa Nui.

EasterIsland20120401 617

What makes Anakena unique is that it is one of two sandy beaches on Easter Island. If you noticed from all of my other pictures thus far showing the ocean, the coastline is rocky.

The palm trees around Anakena were transplanted fairly recently from Tahiti.

EasterIsland20120401 618b

EasterIsland20120401 623b

The six moai… four with their pukao while one kinda lost its head.


The interesting thing about these guys is that, these are among the most preserved (or less eroded) of the moai on the island. Because of their location, when they were toppled, they fell into the soft sand… and the sand covered them up. They were so preserved that this location was where they found remnants of the white coral used as eyes on the moai.

The moai on Anakena were the first ones to be restored in 1955.

EasterIsland20120401s 108

A fallen moai nearby. Looks intact. I wonder why this was not restored as well.

EasterIsland20120401 631b

On a nearby hill… a lone moai looks on.

EasterIsland20120401 639b

The beach is quite nice. The on looking moai add a mystic touch.

EasterIsland20120401 643b

A view of the six moai from the back. You can see another example of the Machu Pichu-like stone masonry.EasterIsland20120401 647b

So you might be wondering if I spent some time here and swam. While I did bring my board shorts and a towel. I wasn’t quite in the mood.

EasterIsland20120401 657b

But of course, I did spend the time admiring the beauty of the area. It was definitely a nice way to end my second day tours.

EasterIsland20120401 673b

Meanwhile… here is another of the local dogs coming up to say “hi.” I love these dogs.

EasterIsland20120401 676b

Back to the hotel. More tomorrow.