From Ahu Akiviki, a little of change of scene. This time it is all about caves. I first encountered the caves at Ahu Akahanga.

First up! We end up at

Ana Te Pahu


Ana Te Pahu are a series of tunnels formed by lava flows which were used during wartime to hide from the enemies.

EasterIsland20120401 734

As I am writing this, I recall my guide Matti mention that the name has something to do with Banana leaves. Lo and behold… Banana trees.

EasterIsland20120401 736

EasterIsland20120401s 128

Past the banana trees you see two entrances to the caves / tunnels.

On the left is a source of water.

EasterIsland20120401 739

It’s dark and damp, and since it rained last night there are puddles of water everywhere but at the end was a deep pool of water.

EasterIsland20120401s 133

EasterIsland20120401 740

On the other side was a long stretch of tunnels going several hundred feet or so. I followed Matti in, all the while expecting that we would be coming through the same way out… apparently not.

EasterIsland20120401 745

We kept on going. I kept on seeing several holes I was thinking were the exits we would go through… but no… we just kept on going. The are below had some rocks pilled up creating a small elevated platform for people to stand on, in the event that the tunnel filled with water.

EasterIsland20120401 743

Finally… after what seemed like half an hour of going through the dark tunnels we reach a small home at the end. “We’re going through THAT?” Apparently yes. That was out exit.

EasterIsland20120401s 137

I am not a fan of climbing through little holes. Matti went through first… but of course we was thin with long legs. I handed him my DSLR and he took me going through.

EasterIsland20120401 746

It wasn’t particularly difficult. It was just very tight.

EasterIsland20120401 747

When we emerged… I could barely see where we started from. It was quit a walk back to the truck.

EasterIsland20120401 755

Ana Te Pora

Ana te Pora is a different set of caves. It wasn’t used for shelter, in this case… it was used for ceremony.

EasterIsland20120401 761

Another long trek from the parking lot.

EasterIsland20120401 767

And there it…

EasterIsland20120401 775

Inside it was another large room. The cave could have been longer, but the end was closed off from visitors for safety reasons. There is a small altar in the middle which was used for sacrifices of animals like chickens.

The place was used for celebrations are at the start of a new season for good luck.

EasterIsland20120401 777

Small narrow entrance…

EasterIsland20120401 778

Outside of the cave is another spectacular view of the island’s coast line. This area is high up in the cliffs, and as such there were no villages which are usually placed at water level. And since there are no villages… no ahus… and no moai.

EasterIsland20120401 791

The view is spectacular. And of course, a tad acrophobic.

EasterIsland20120401 794

Woohoo! It was very windy!

EasterIsland20120401s 142

EasterIsland20120401s 144

That is a long way down.EasterIsland20120401s 149

EasterIsland20120401s 146

Ahu Hanga Kio’e

This would be my last ahu and moai on the agenda. This particular moai is a little shorter than the more majestic ones I have seen thus far.

EasterIsland20120401 814

Next to this guy is another odd looking moai believed to be an earlier version. Of course it just looks like a boulder on a platform.

EasterIsland20120401 821

From here, we make our way back to Hanga Roa (visible in the distance) where I would get ready for my afternoon scuba dive to the underwater moai.