While not as grandiose as Ahu Tongariki with its 15 colossal moai… or as beufully set as those on Anakena Beach… my favorite set of moai would have to be at Ahu Akivi with its seven moai. The location is also popularly known as Siete Moai.

Ahu Akivi gives its name to one of the seven regions of the Rapa Nui National Park.

Probably one of the more interesting aspects of Akivi is tthat it is one of the few ahus which is located inland as opposed to all of the others which are by the coastline. But even more amazing is that Akivi is set to be the only Moai which face toward the ocean rather than away from it (as the others do)


Of course the maoi are not exactly facing the ocean intentionally. They just happen to be overlooking their village… and beyond that happens to be… the ocean.

EasterIsland20120401 704

Hmm… I always seem to get these against the light shots of moai.

EasterIsland20120401 710

In fact, the moai face sunset during Spring and Autumn Equinox; and have their backs to the sunrise during Spring and Autumn Equinox.

EasterIsland20120401 714

EasterIsland20120401 716

When these moai were restored in 1960, they used cement to repair some areas… clearly vsible.

EasterIsland20120401 717

I find this site… quite peaceful.

EasterIsland20120401 725

EasterIsland20120401s 115

EasterIsland20120401s 118

EasterIsland20120401s 124

Here is a short video I took while at the site


The next day

I actually came back here the next day after my 3.5 hour horseback ride up Mount Teravaka. This where we tied up the horses and I waited for Matti to pick me up and take me back to the hotel.

When I got back… more pictures. The sky was just awesome!