Ok. So I went to Florida just to go to Universal Studios, and just to see the new Harry Potter attraction “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”. But of course, as we were there, we did go around as well.


Chris Yap joined me on this Theme Park hopping adventure. He flew in from Sothern California to wander Disney, Universal, and Sea World with me.

Because our main objective was just the Harry Potter attraction, we spent our time at “Islands of Adventure”. We didn’t bother going to the Studios itself this trip.

Thanks to my sister, Kathy who brought us into the park gratis. She had this special VIP pass which allowed her to take in two guests at a time (and some nice discounts at the shops).

Orlando201110 141

After Chris and I wandered around the Harry Potter attraction, we leisurely went around the park.

Poseidon’s Fury.

Orlando201110 225

Dr. Seuss

Orlando201110 229

Naturally I enjoyed the comics/cartoon area. This was at “The Incredible Hulk Coaster” which we didn’t ride because Chris experiences motion-sickness.

Orlando201110 231

At one of the shops. You can actually buy that statue!

Orlando201110 236

Marvel Rules!

Orlando201110 242

Whoa! Rogue!

Orlando201110 239

Orlando201110 248

Fun fun fun!

Orlando201110 253

Orlando201110 260

w00t! Beatle Baily!

Orlando201110 257

Orlando201110 263

And of course we kept on going back to the Harry Potter section.

Orlando201110 266

Universal City Walk