I’d been to SeaWorld once before. When I was around 12 years old. Of course much has changed since then. SeaWorld started out as a “filler” destination after Disney World and Universal Studios. But it still ended up a pretty cool experience. Seeing the Orcas, Dolphins, Sea Lions, and Seals perform was just awesome!

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This theme park is obviously not as grandiose as Disney or Universal, but it still has something to offer.

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Since many of the shows run a schedule, we checked the shows and targeted the big show with Shamu and the other Killer Whales.

Orlando201110 317

Like a little kid, I was so excited. And boy… it was awesome!

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Here is a brief video of one part of the show…

Of course there is more than just Killer Whales… I was surprised to see land animals as well, like this otter…

Orlando201110 324

and birds…

Orlando201110 330

We later watched another show featuring dolphins

Orlando201110 356

Orlando201110 364

Orlando201110 365

And later… a comedy routine featuring seals and a huge walrus

Orlando201110 376

Ooo… Penguins…

Orlando201110 383

Ooo… more dolphins.

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