Chicken Rice Shop, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City

Chicken Rice Shop, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City

Along South Katipunan (that is what I call the section of Katipunan past the Katipunan-Aurora Flyover nearer White Plains) on my way to work each morning — and subsequently on my way home each afternoon/evening — I pass by this new restaurant called “Chicken Rice Shop.” It is located in the same building where the Army Navy Burger and Burrito place is.

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I was on my way home this morning from a short trip to Tiendesitas in Pasig.

I had seen the restaurant being constructed since around December and was somewhat excited for its opening. As readers of my blog know, I have this constant quest for the perfect Hainanese Chicken and its many variants.

Anyway, as I passed at around 11:15am, I noted that… lo and behold… there was parking. Actually it was so early that there was only one car parked along the frontage of the Chicken Rice Shop and Army Navy. Please note that Chicken Rice shop actually only has 3 parking slots in front. Parking for me is an important factor for me to eat at a place… so I was not going to pass up this opportunity.

The place is new, having been open only 2 weeks.

Chicken Rice Shop

The place is bright with ample seating. Although I can never understand how a place this big can bother setting up with no parking slots for patrons.


The Menu


There were set meals, but I decided to go build my own meal. So I go got the Quarter Hainanese Chicken.


The waiter recommends the Nyonya Pai Tee


And for my drink… I go for the Kuching 3 Layered Tea… whatever that is. I really didn’t know what it was, I just opted for an item that didn’t sound familiar. Well, it was either that or The Tarik… which sounded weirder. Anyway, I expected my tea to be something like a Thai Iced Tea.


While asked to wait around 15 min. My whole meal arrived after only 5 min of waiting. I guess being the second customer of the day has its advantages.

While waiting, I noticed that the tables had cards about the Pancake House Group’s Orange Card. I later confirmed with the waiter that the restaurant is part of the Pancake House Group. Interesting. This must be their pilot store for Chicken Rice Shop.

Here is my Nyonya Pai Tee… kinda like some vegetable fried dumpling with some chicken meat. It was very nice and tasty. Also very subtly crispy. Yum yum.


My Hainanese Chicken


My soup, Chicken Rice, with the ginger and chili sauce. The waiter later showed up with a separate saucer he called “black sauce” which of course was just the expected hoisin sauce.


And of course the 3 layered tea. It was actually kinda good, except it was hard to mix. It seemed as I kept on stirring, the syrup at the bottom seemed to resist blending with tea. So I just strategically sipped it through the straw around an inch from the bottom of the glass.


And so how was it. The Chicken Rice and the Chicken itself tasted “authentic.” It tasted as it should… though I would have liked it with some salt… but that is my taste preference.

As I write this blog I looked up my post on the Chicken Rice Shop I went to in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia (see post here). So based on the logo, décor, and color scheme (and the same menu items), I guess that the Chicken Rice Shop is a franchise of the Malaysian operation by Pancake House.

Anyway… it’s a great place for authentic Chicken Rice at an affordable price (you can see some of the prices from my pictures of the menu above). I would go back here… if and only if there were parking slots available.


  1. nice to have a new place for chicken dishes. as ilook at the menu. i would have definitely order the chicken curry. :)

    • I agree. I will probably do that on my next trip. As for me, I am still my quest for the best Hainanese Chicken out there.

  2. hi, the katipunan branch is the second store of chicken rice shop. there are more parking space at the back, entrance is beside army navy. a visible sign that says ” more parking at the back” will help. the first branch is located at robinsons ermita, ground level. curry chicken and curry laksa are also yummy…

  3. hi! the katipunan branch is chicken rice shop’s second store. there are more parking space at the back, entrance is beside army navy. a visible sign that says ” more parking space at the back will help. the first branch is located at robinsons ermita, ground level. curry chicken and curry laksa are also yummy…

    • Hi Grace, thanks for the information. Yes, I guess a visible sign will help, as there is nothing indicating the additional parking. It just appears to be driveway.

    • Update: Today there is a huge sign in White on Red… “more parking at the back”

  4. Hi Jojo,

    Have you tried Chef Stevie’s famous Hainanese Chicken Rice? Text or call him at +63906-508-4155. It’s something even Daphne Osena Paez is raving about.

  5. It just opened its branch in Sta Lucia last week. My mom just brought home some of the leftover Nyonya Pai Tee and I enjoyed it.

  6. Food is sumptuous. But some of the staffs do have “attitude”. I dont know, maybe its an off day for the girl.

  7. I actually love the Hainanese Chicken… Today, I went to Sta Lucia Branch.
    When I ordered I said to the waiter is the garlic sauce included? He said Yes Sir….! Because I wanted to make sure it is because it won’t be the same w/o the garlic sauce. I ordered the whole chicken, and it arrived with in a plastic container with the 4 sauces container.. I GOT HOME AND CHECKED THERE IS NO GARLIC SAUCE!!!!!!!!! THEY GAVE ME JUST THE STUPID SWEET SOY SAUCE!!!!!! I was trying to find their contact number and complaint but there is no way of finding it.. Anyway, I was so disappointed!! and as i was waiting there one customer returned her glass of water because the glass was dirty…. BUT I don’t want to generalized all the branches I am just sure that that the branch in Sta Lucia are naive in what they have to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Garlic? or do you mean the Ginger sauce?

  8. Thanks to you we finally tried this restaurant. We loved it, will definitely satisfy your Hainanese Chicken rice craving, and won’t do much damage to your wallet. Very refreshing to have franchises such as these who readily serve the ‘not so usual’ food that we Filipinos tend to patronize. Thanks again!

    • Thanks Pinky. I agree… it is an affordable place to eat all in all.

  9. I went to the CCP Complex branch after fetching my mom from the airport. She came from Taiwan and recently tasted the Hainanese Chicken from The Chicken Rice Shop, Taipei. We were so disappointed with what was served to us. The chicken breast part was so hard to tear. It was all colored white , which should not be the case for authentic Hainanese chicken that should be quite yellowish. The chicken served to us could have passed as a WHITE CHICKEN served in Cantonese restaurants. The dry noodles I ordered was sooo soggy and swimming in the sauce. I agree that the Kuching 3 layered tea is good but hard to mix the syrup with the tea. The Nyonya Pai Tee is the reason I would go back to THE CHICKEN RICE.

    Lakwatsero, your pic of the Hainanese chicken looks so much better than the one served to us yesterday. Maybe I should try the Katipunan branch or the one at Robinson’s Ermita.

    • Hi Natalie,

      So sad to hear about your experience. As you know, with restaurants consistency is important. Lalo na pag chain. In my experience, even in the same restaurant/branch, sometimes its perfect, sometimes its blah.


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