Astoria Boracay

Astoria Boracay

After my post on last weekend’s trip to Boracay a few days ago, a number of folks have been asking me about that cute little hotel we stayed at. The hotel is Astoria Boracay. It is located in Station 1 and is just a short walk to d*mall. It is quite new and according to the staff just opened last year around April 2010.

Aside from being very modern design and architecture, the service was utterly awesome. From the time they pick you up at the airport, check into the airport, till the time they drop you off again at the airport, the staff was utterly friendly, helpful, and always with a smile on the face.

One thing my sister noted as we were walking around was that there Astoria staff promoting the hotel on the beach offering a free buffet lunch… sadly as we revealed that were staying at Astoria, they took back the free lunch… hehe. Still, they were the only ones doing such promotion.

As far as price is concerned, the hotel is mid-range, as I paid a little over P7000/night. It isn’t quite the budget hotel of which there are many in Boracay, but it is way more affordable than a place like Shangri-La. Sometimes, you want to treat yourself to somewhere nice and clean with the comforts of modern living, after stepping out into the rustic ambiance of Boracay’s sand, sea, and surf.

Booking for me was a breeze, I did everything on the phone, then I paid at their office at Astoria Place in Ortigas. I’m the type who likes to pre-pay everything as much as possible before any trip so I don’t have to worry about it later on.

For more information and booking details, visiting their website is most helpful – In my case, I just went straight to the website for what I needed.

Below are a few pictures of the place.

They had these nice modern looking hammocks which were super comfortable.

Their rooms were very chic and modern as well. Our room had a little kitchenette. It came with a huge LCD TV and DVD player. And of course… the room comes with Free Wi-Fi. The downside to the WiFi is that you can only connect one device per room at a time… which I guess is understandable, but a hassle if you are a group of gadget freaks with multiple devices. In my case I could only use my iPhone OR iPad at any one time. (In fairness, to the hotel, I never asked if I could get another code for the room)

Always important… a nice bathroom.

The stay comes with a buffet breakfast.

Because the hotel is new, they do have a number of strict rules. For example, you have to think twice if you wanted to get one of those popular henna tattoos… they could stain sheets and towels, and they will charge you if that happens. I guess to maintain image, they don’t want you hanging wet clothes outside on the verandas (which is an eyesore for sure)… so they offer a free drying service and they get your clothes back to you in 2-3 hours nice and dry.

It’s a awesome place… amazing comfort and great service and I would love to book myself here again when I go back to Boracay.



  1. well sure astoria place in boracay is such a modern hotel with all the amenities, but shittheir supposed to be free buffet dinner invitation by some staff walking along the beachfront almost turned my first night in boracay almost a nightmare….we are first timers in bora having a grand time taking our pictures by the beach when this guy in white came and started asking where we were staying,of course i did not tell,but he kept on telling us if we would like to see this new hotel accdng to him, and offers free buffet dinner good for all of us,after dinner he told us we will take a tour of the hotel and that we should bring our cameras with us.So,we decided to come because we would love to see the place so that we can tell our friends in manila that astoria is lovely and that they can stay there if they are planning to go to bora…to make the story short, after dinner, i got the biggest surprise of my life whenst they brought us to this room filled with people in groups per table with one staff assigned to TALK, and SELL a dream vacation at ASTORIA PLACE.the staff assigned to us gave us her biggest smile, we listened bt i noticed that shes quite forcing us to buy a slot which cost around 700k plus! whoa, they think all people having vacation in bora is rich,filthy rich…im just against their marketing strategies….they should think again.

    • Shandee Mae, same scenario with us. It was our last night in Boracay when they approached us (with BF). We were like walking on the shore when they persuaded us to attend their free buffet. To cut the story short, after the dinner, we were like listening to the sales person for about 3 hours. My bf was annoyed, he even just want to pay the cost of our dinner just go out of that room and enjoy the last night in Boracay. It was a nightmare. They should have not used the buffet dinner to just convince the clients involuntarily to buy the membership. I will never ever again fall to their trap..

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