Probably among one of the most recognizable “postcard scenes” of the City of San Francisco after photos of The Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street, and cable cars is this picture of Victorian-era houses in a row on a street in San Francisco. These houses are also known collectively as “The Painted Ladies”  (See Wikipedia entry)

While taking my good friend, Southern California resident Chris Yap, on a tour of my Northern Californian city, before proceeding to the famous Union Square, I decided to take him to this famous landmark. More significant for me is that after all of these years of living and coming back and forth to San Francisco, I have actually never been to Alamo Square. I had always known about, but I always seemed to put off actually visiting the park. So this was a great first for me as well.

The houses are located on Steiner Street on one end of the residential park known as Alamo Square.

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TV and Commercials


While we were there, the portion of the street in front of the houses themselves was closed off to traffic. There was a production crew filming what seemed to be a commercial. That said, annoying staff were around shooing away tourists and photographers when they were filming. Oh well, that is one of the hazards of visiting such a famous spot.

Speaking of productions. If those of you remember the TV show “Full House” (1987-1995) which featured the twins “The Olsen Twins” Mary-Kate and Ashley (who both played the baby in the show Michelle Tanner), John Stamos as “Uncle Jessie” and Bob Saget (before he did America’s Funniest Videos). These are the houses in the opening scene. And if memory serves me right (I could be wrong) I believe their house was supposed to be the yellow one in the middle.

Full House

You tube:

Must see sights in San Francisco


Around six months ago, I wrote a blog post on 7 spots to visit in a D.I.Y. self-tour of San Francisco. (  I would insist that Alamo Square be an 8th “must visit” destination to see while in San Francisco


Final Note: If you walk around the park, there are actually quite a number of other lesser-known but equally as beautiful Victorian houses around Alamo Square.