I have written about Wicked Kitchen before and even blogged about the order of Chicken Skin. But what is the harm of blogging about it again? After all, it is so sinful it is sooo goooood.

My friends no that I don’t pretend to be into healthy food. Now, while I have pulled back significantly on cholesterol-rich food by choice (I guess my body does tell me when enough IS enough), I will never deny myself various forms chicharon. And amongst my all time favorites… chicken skin.

Chicken Skin

With that I do consider myself a connoisseur of Fried Chicken Skin. There a lots of varieties. There are the dry and uber-crunchy type. There are the slightly soggy but juicy (read: oily… yum!). What makes the version of Wicked Kitchen different is that its kinda coated with flour (not sure if its battered… probably not) like it was Fried Chicken. Not at all dry.

I must say, this is probably THE BEST Chicken Skin I have ever tasted (as of now!).

You can take with the spicy vinegar it comes with, or just plain. Me? I add on some salt and pepper.

Chicken Skin


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