Anyone who knows me is aware of my addiction to massages.

In Manila, i take the opportunity to pamper myself with the occasional trip to a branch of “The Spa” or Suriya Spa. Currently, I frequent Nuat Thai in White Plains. In Cebu, I would vistit Meddah Spa. When it was still around, I would escape to a branch of Footloose.

Yet in all these years, I have never had an authentic Thai massage in Thailand despite my having been to Thailand several times in the past. At the end of my weekend in Bangkok I would have had 4 massages in all. Yes… 4!

Outside of our hotel, was a whole row of Massage Centers.

When we got back from walking around in Chatuchak Market, I was craving to relieve my feet from our walking around the gigantic outoor market.

We made our choices of the massage centers. At the end of the day, I assume all of them are actually alike, but we settled for the Issey because it was a bigger establishment and it was nor as crowded as the others (not a very scientific selection process).

Massage #1


We started out with the 1 hour foot massage.


It was interesting. Though I must admit it was a bit more painful than I expected. Haha.

Massage #2

Later that night, I wanted to try something relaxing. A little confused over the “menu” I chose the “Thai Massage”… for 2 hours.

I was assuming I would be in for a relaxing massage. My mistake. Apparently the “Thai Massage” is a variant that included a lot of stretching… pulling… poking… squeezing… pressing… kneading… punching… and remember, I signed up for 2 hours!!! &*@^!(*@&!@

At the end of course my body felt so tenderized and relieved that it was over. Yes, I was in pain. But it felt good as well.

Massage #3

The next day, after a morning of wandering around the streets of Bangkok, I decided to go for another foot massage. This time I tried Chang’s.

The ambience was interesting, inside it had a “country” motif with white walls, light blue framed artwork and whicker chairs. I chose a 1 hour foot massage again.

I wanted to compare if the pain levels where the same.

They were.


Massage #4

I went back top Issey’s later that night. This time I opted for the Oil Massage.

This was the relaxing massage I was after. Finally.

I slept like a baby after that.

It’s all in the branding…

I mentioned that there was this whole row of Massage Centers. Below is one I did want to go to. If you read it in English or in Tagalog (seemed to have an accent on the “e”)… it just didn’t sound right to me. Ok, don’t lecture me about it probably not having any meaning… still, it was a big laugh on my part. And oddly, I went to the website… it doesn’t exist.