During my weekend trip to Thailand from August 26-29, I did not have much of an agenda. Actually I did not have any agenda. When I arrived at Kent’s hotel room on the evening of Friday, August 26, he asked me “so where are we going?” I told him I didn’t have any plans at that point in time. But one thing was clear, I wanted some authentic Thai food.

Over the next couple of days, we did eat in some interesting places, but we did get the chance to eat in a Thai restaurant and get with the real deal.

We ate at Ban Khun Mae in Siam Square. (They even have a website! http://www.bankhunmae.com ).

Ban Khun Mae in Siam Square, Bangkok Thailand

It was a very nice and cozy place. Not overly decorated. (Their website has nice interior shots)

Ban Khun Mae in Siam Square, Bangkok Thailand

To start off, I ordered Thai Iced Tea (which is listed as “Old-Fashioned Iced Tea” on their menu). It’s a simple version of iced tea made with a Thai tea blend and milk. It is quite sweet and I used to order this as a dessert. It was so good, I had three glasses through the entire meal.

I have always loved Thai Iced Tea. I actually had my first glass in a Thai restaurant in San Francisco.

Ban Khun Mae in Siam Square, Bangkok Thailand

For soup I ordered Tom Yam Koong, which maybe pretty stereotypical when you eat in a Thai restaurant, but hey… this is my second favorite soup in the world (after our own local Sinigang and followed by Bulalo and Japanese Miso Soup).

This was version of Tom Yam had a great combination of spicy and sour.


Action shot!


For appetizer, we ordered this fried squid. It was nice and crunchy.


As stereotypical as I am, I also ordered Pad Thai.

I must admit, this version is different than my traditional idea of Pad Thai. It was good, but had a less intense flavor than what I am used to. Kent described the taste as “unexciting”. True… for a Thai dish it was actually quite bland. As you will note from the picture below, color-wise it was also quite bland. That said, the dish still tasted good and it was very evident that it tasted very fresh.


Finally we ordered a Fried Grouper in chili sauce. This tasted great.


And after all that, we did not order rice. Intentionally. I used the Pad Thai as my starch.

And there is our lunch meal for today. But oddly (or not too oddly), it was just right for the two of us. Yum!



Ban Khun Mae Restaurant
458/6-9 Siam Square Soi 8, Rama 1 Road,
Patumwan District, Bangkok 10330

Tel. (662)250-1952-3, (662)658-4112-3

Email: contact@bankhunmae.com

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