I love “Tianges.” Going around shopping malls is fine if you want the serenity of sterile retail shopping. But once in a while, when you get into that bargain-hunting mode… there is the Tiange. No tiange-experience is more epic than Greenhills… that year-round destination for shopaholics in Metro Manila… while being in a somewhat cleaner (and safer) environment so you don’t have to go through the adventure of Manila, Quiapo, Tutuban, or Chinatown.

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You can buy almost anything in Greenhills… if you know how to find it. It’s probably the one place that would give SM’s tag line of “we’ve got it all” a run for its money.

Gadgets, Clothing, Bags, Watches, Food, etc.

Bargains, bargains, bargains. The latest uso is anything related to “Angry Birds.” T-Shirts, Plush Toys, Bags, cellphone or tablet casings… in Angry Bird style. No need to ask if the image is licensed from Rovio… hehe.


If you are looking for anything relating to cellphones or tablets… this is also the place to find it. Cases, Cables, Power Chords, Screen Protectors… they also provide an array of services… repair, unlocking,  jail breaking… etc.



The nice thing about Tianges is the opportunity — if you are so inclined — to haggle or “make tawad.” More than once today though I asked the price of something, I am told the price and the immediate “last price” without even starting the haggling process. Oh well.

Let the buyer beware.

Like any bargain-hunting activity. You have to know what you are bargaining for. If you are buying a second-hand item, you have to accept the fact that quality may be an issue. Be sure to test or inspect whatever you boy, before you hand over cash. Not only for gadgets… but even for clothing.

And for those seeking knock-off shoes and bags. Understand what a Class “A”, “B” and “C” mean…

Happy shopping!