As followers of this blog will note, I normally would not blog about a restaurant like Mesa. Why? I prefer hole-in-the-walls. And Mesa, at its price range, does not fall into that category. But then again, I do blog about great food, and my experience at Mesa included that.

I had eaten at the branch in Greenbelt 5 in Makati twice in the past. This my first time at the SM Mega Mall branch.


From the appetizer section, we ordered “Sisig in a pouch”, which as you can see from the picture is just sisig fried in lumpia wrapper. But it was good. I know that sisig is traditionally a Filipino Appetizer, which I could never understand as most Filipinos have it as a main dish.


Next… Kare Kare. As expected.


We also ordered this very nice little dish. Baby Squid in Olive Oil. A simple dish, but quite good. Highly recommended