I am often asked where I get ideas for my lakwatsas. Sometimes I hear stories from friends about a place they visit. Sometimes I read about it from someone else’s blog. Sometimes I see on television. And sometimes… I read about it in the newspaper.

A few weeks ago, I came across this article from the Inquirer News Website: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/18711/ph-launches-%e2%80%98clean%e2%80%99-nuclear-tourism (or its duplicate entry with the author’s name, Karla Malakunas, here: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/18525/philippines-launches-nuclear-tourism)

[ please read the Inquirer article before proceeding ]

Note… the article was dated 4 weeks ago.

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When we got to the plant, we were told by the guard that we needed to have made “special arrangements” before going to the plant. When we asked how we could make such “special arrangements,” we were told that… during weekdays, they could call ahead to the General Manager. But since it was a Saturday, the General Manager was not there. He then shut the gate on us.


Before I start venting, let me say that I do not blame the guard. He was, after all, just following whatever instructions was given to him.

So there were. After a 3 hour drive not being able to see what we came to see and do what we expected to do… as described in the Inquirer article.

I am not sure who to blame.

Perhaps it is The Inquirer and the reporter for not fully explaining what the procedure was? They had written and published such a great article that it convinced me to drive 3 hours to see the place. I reread the article looking for a mention about limitations or disclaimers saying what one needed to do to get a tour of the place. Nothing was mentioned in the article. In fact, the article does not really say much about where to go, who to see, what time a tour is, or what have you. All it says about the tour itself is that it will cost P20 and a chemical engineer runs the tour. The way the article is written, one would assume that the tourism aspect was already open for business (if it was, someone forgot to tell the guard).

Perhaps I should blame The National Power Corporation (Napocor) who conducted the press event to journalists that included the Inquirer who talked about this wonderful eco-tourism launch, yet fail to inform the reporters when and if the tour was already operational. And of course they forgot to tell the guard.

Alas, I think I will just blame myself for now.

I blame myself for assuming everything I read in the paper is true and forgetting that while in marketing myself, many things I read in the newspaper could just be some government-image-enhancing marketing drivel about a humongous white elephant no Philippine administration can decide what to do with yet we spend $10,000 a day on.

I blame myself for reading Inquirer’s headine assuming when they meand “launched” actually means “is still thinking of launching… or maybe not.”

Oh yeah, the article was written almost 4 weeks ago. I actually thought the article would inspire folks to flock to the site. Apparently, ako lang pala.

Basta. Sige na nga, kasalanan ko na nga.

Maybe one day, they will get organized and actually open the place up to tourists. Sadly, I probably will not bother.

If any of you are interested in visiting the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. Don’t bother. Wait to read about it from someone who has successfully been on the said tour (one open to the public not some special sponsored event for bloggers and reporters).


PS: Do I sound bitter? Yeah I’m bitter, How would you feel driving 3 hours just to be told to go away?