I woke up this morning and decided to revisit one of my favorite nature haunts. Today was forecasted as the hottest day of the week and I was going to take advantage of it.  I have been to Muir Woods many times in the past. I remember taking a number of friends to the woods famously known as “The Forrest Moon of Endor” from Return of the Jedi… you remember, the place with all the Ewoks.

Muir Woods is not your typical tourist destination associated with San Francisco.  Muir Woods is 11 miles North of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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En route to the woods, I decided to make a quick stop at the Golden Gate Bridge for a picture or two. Typically one parks at the southern-San Francisco side of the bridge. But it was such was a great day, the parking lot was full. After a while I decided to just proceed to Muir Woods. As I was crossing the bridge I decided to stop at the northern vista point. It’s a less common picture point of the bridge.

SanFrancisco20110611 036

SanFrancisco20110611 039

From here, I proceeded north-bound toward Stinson Beach.

Through a winding road, I soon found myself at Muir Woods.

SanFrancisco20110611 053

I paid the $5 adult admission fee and proceeded inside.

SanFrancisco20110611 141

As is always the case when the sun is out… places like this fill up with a lot of people. I actually just missed two bus loads of school kids… buti na lang.

SanFrancisco20110611 058

I decided to take long route around.

SanFrancisco20110611 061

SanFrancisco20110611 066

Ah… the majesty of God’s forest.

SanFrancisco20110611 069

SanFrancisco20110611 083

After a while of taking pictures. I realized the trouble with taking pictures in the forest. There isn’t too much variety to the generic shots. After all… at a certain point… it looks the same. But God… such beautiful scenery.

SanFrancisco20110611 089

SanFrancisco20110611 098

I took a  video of one of the streams. I was so enamored by the soothing sound of the water. So peaceful.

SanFrancisco20110611 107

Every now and then, I just sit down and soak it all up.

SanFrancisco20110611 084

The forest reminds us that amongst God’s creatures… we are quite small.

SanFrancisco20110611 118

SanFrancisco20110611 113

To end… here is a 360 degree Photosynth Panorama I took on my iPhone. You can rotate the image to see the majesty of it all.