On my way back from trekking around the Muir Woods, north of the Golden Gate Bridge, I was passing through the Presidio when I decided to make a stop at the “California Palace of the Legion of Honor” (or just shortened to “Legion of Honor”), particularly to take a picture (or series of pictures) of The Thinker replica by the sculptor Auguste Rodin.

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The Legion of Honor is one of many architectural sights in San Francisco. But I think the Legion of Honor is a lesser known building if compared to the San Francisco City Hall or the Palace of Fine Arts (the last remaining structure from the 1915 Expo). It is often a venue for newly weds’ photo shoots.

SanFrancisco20110611 143

SanFrancisco20110611 147

The thinker occupies the center of the courtyard of the palace called the Court of Honor.

SanFrancisco20110611 148

SanFrancisco20110611 150

The purpose for my visit was actually to experiment with Microsoft Photosynth which enables a 3D rendering of a series of photographs of a single subject. I have been using Photosynth for for Panoramas, but this is equally cool.

Here is the Photosynth

I’m not sure of that squat pyramid below is supposed be a mini  replica of the one in the Louvre in Paris.

SanFrancisco20110611 153

SanFrancisco20110611 155

El Cid

SanFrancisco20110611 156

SanFrancisco20110611 157

Back at the parking lot, there is this massive colored sculpture made of steel girders by Mark di Suvero called (quote obviously) Painted Steel.

SanFrancisco20110611 163

SanFrancisco20110611 159

So ends todays lakwatsa around San Francisco… back to malling and shopping. Hmmm… I haven’t had lunch yet.