As I have said many times before (see past blog post), San Francisco is my favorite city in the world… outside of Manila of course (there really is no place like home).

San Francisco is just a a fascinating city. Once you have gone past the required tourist sites such as… the Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street, Pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf, Coit Tower, Golden Gate Park, etc…. I love the city for its diverse culture, fantastic weather, and colorful locals.

Today, I was not on tourist mode, having been here many times in the past, I think I have seen pretty much of the sights of San Francisco. Today, I was on shopping mode. I also wanted to just “soak up the air” so to speak and hang out.

Here are just some of the sights of San Francisco. (No, I will not blog my actual shopping experience)

First I start out by parking the car at the Bart Station and take the Bart to downtown San Francisco. Parking is very limited in San Francisco… and very very expensive. So there was no way I was driving into the city.

SanFrancisco20110611 004

I get off the Powell Street station and walk around the Westfield Center for a while. While not planned, I actually passed it by before actually going in, I paid homage to the Temple of Apple. The Apple Store on Stockton is just a block away from Powell Street.

SanFrancisco20110611 007

Here’s a view of Market Street looking north to the iconic Ferry Building.

SanFrancisco20110611 009

This car parked outside the Chanel store was so chic. Hehe.

SanFrancisco20110611 011

I decided to make my way to Union Square. I noticed that there seems to be a lot of road work all around the square. My sister-in-law said that they were building underground tunnels for pedestrians.

SanFrancisco20110611 012

In case you ever want to take one of those City bus tours, Union Square is where a lot of the tours jump off from.

SanFrancisco20110611 013

I get to the square…

SanFrancisco20110611 014

Then I thought about creating a Photosynth panorama…

I then walked over to the center of the square and made another Photosynth :). This one is 360 degrees.

I sit around for a while sitting a cup of coffee and watching some of the locals… err tourists. Posing and taking pictures. I walked off to the southwest corner (the corners of the square have these huge hearts with artwork). Hmm… I notice that the artwork is different from last I remember (see the last picture on this post). Apparently they get artists to change the art on these hearts. If I was an artist, I don’t know how I would feel about a project where my art would be painted over after some time.

SanFrancisco20110611 018

And now it is lunch time. I was going to have lunch with a friend of mine. But after texting back and forth, I find out that… he is still home around an hour away in the East Bay. Haay… I cancel with him and decided to go have lunch…

Of course… if you have followed my travels in San Francisco… where do I go for the best Pizza on the Planet? That’s right! My favorite hole-in-the wall, Blondie’s Pizza on Powell Street across from the Cable Car station.

SanFrancisco20110611 025

So many to choose from…


… and I order Pepperoni. Hey, it’s my favorite!


And a bottle of Mango Madness Snapple. It’s a nice change from your typical lemon iced tea. While this tastes nothing like our great mangoes in the Philippines, it still packs mango awesomeness (pero yun nga, di ka lasa ng mango natin).


Of course… the cable cars.

SanFrancisco20110611 022

SanFrancisco20110611 020

Yun na muna for today. I went into the GAP and other stores afterwards. Spent the next 4 hours shopping. Smile

Where will I go tomorrow?