On my way back from Queenstown to Manila (via Singapore), I had several hours to spare in Auckland, New Zealand before my next flight. I asked the same tour operator where I booked my Queensland adventure to suggest a number of things I could do while in Auckland… and the SkyJump from the Auckland Tower seemed the most interesting of the bunch (and fit into the theme of my birthday adventure activities). I only had enough time (and sunlight) to do one activity. I would have wanted to do the Byngy Jump from the Wellington Bridge, but I would not be able to make it from the Airport in Time.

This would be the last of my 4 high adrenaline adventures for my Birthday 2011. It started out yesterday with Bungy Jumping from the famous AJ Hacket Nevis Bungy, then I did the 6 line Kea Tour with ZipTrek. This morning I did Tandem Hang Gliding with SkyTrek before make my flight from Queenstown to Auckland.

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I walked in and checked in… just in time for the 4pm jump. At this time, I had to put all of the stuff in my pockets (including my cameras) in a locker. I guess it is their way of making sure that you have to buy the pictures and video from them/

Haha! The Lakwtsero motto… well one of them anyway. This is kinda what I tell people who say “Hindi ko kaya yan!”


All strapped in, together with an English dude making the jump as well, we made our way up and followed the signs to the SkyJump landing. Watching the other guy go first made me feel nervous all of a sudden. Which was odd considering I had just conquered bungy jumping just the day before.

Here is the thing. When I did the bungy jumping in Queenstown, my view were mountains and a river. This was a little different. my view were buildings and the pavement. And a small target. The change of view kinda made a difference. Oh what they hey. I was here… I wasn’t backing down.

So here I am… all strapped in and ready to go.

After the jump, the cable stops at around 10 meters so that they can take my picture. Then it drops the rest of the 192 meters (630 feet) going at around 80mph.

Interestingly, they have a video camera attached to one of the cables. You can catch the video below… strangely because the camera follows you, it doesn’t seem as fast as it actually was…

Woohoo! That was so exhilarating! I had so much fun flying downwards, I forgot the instructions they gave on landing.  Which is why as you see… I missed the mark and fell forward… haha! Oh well, it was AWESOME!!!

After the jump I got a complimentary pass to go back up to the observation deck.

This is basically that view of buildings and pavement I was describing earlier…



From the observation deck, they had glass floors which allowed you to see the red target at street level.


Here is a panorama of the Aukland Tower via Photosynth taken at street level.


And finally, my certificate…



That was one Awesome Birthday Adventure 2011

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