I went on my first Hang Gliding adventure last year, in San Francisco over the Mt. Tamalpais mountain. For my third air dropping adventure for my birthday weekend, when I was going through the long list of stuff you could in Queenstown, New Zealand, Hang Gliding caught my eye! Just off my Bungy Jumping and Zip Line adventures yesterday… I was psyched from a scenic flight!

The awesome thing I love about Hang Gliding is that, unlike Sky Diving or even Bungy Jumping, where all you do is fall down and let gravity do all the work… with Hang Gliding, you are actually flying! And flying without a motor like para gliding or in an ultra light… it is utterly quiet with just the sound of the air on the wings making noise!

We met up in Queenstown just before 9am and were off. We got to the jump off point where we suited up and our pilots set up the gliders.

View Coronet Peak in a larger map

The view was just spectacular!

NewZealand20110421 159

I’m all ready and suited up!!!

NewZealand20110421 165

NewZealand20110421 167

A panoramic view of the flight area

During setup, I learned that Jim (he asked to be referred to as Jim the Crazy guy in Queenstown) is a friend of Paris Williams, the guy who I flew with in San Francisco. In fact, it was Paris who taught Jim how to do tandems.

And we take off! (That’s us, off-center to the right)



Here is a close up…

Shift to the glider cam!

HangGluiding20110423 001

HangGluiding20110423 003

HangGluiding20110423 002

Then after a while, he asked me to take over…

HangGluiding20110423 005

HangGluiding20110423 006

And the video!

Lakwatsero goes hang gliding… again!

That’s us landing on a sheep grazing field.

HangGluiding20110423 009

All in all, the trip took around 10 minutes. Simply AWESOME! What I truly enjoyed is the feeling of flight and the landscape views were truly amazing.

Contact Details: http://www.skytrek.co.nz