BungyEver since I struck off Sky Diving and Hang Gliding off my bucket list last year, the one high-adrenaline activity still left was Bungy Jumping (spelled “Bungee” by the Americans). I attempted to pursue this twice in the past year to do this… once in Southern California last October and the other just two months ago in Seattle. Both were failed attempts due to scheduling and weather conditions.

For those still unaware of the activity. Bungy Jumping involves one jumping of a very high structure while attached to a big rubber band. (see Wikipedia entry)

When my birthday this year approached, I was a little bummed that it fell on Good Friday this year. By the first week of April, I decided that I would use the Easter holiday to pursue this. I planned my trip to Queenstown, New Zealand, where Bungee Jumping first started, and I booked all my activities online. So my first activity on April 22, 2011… BUNGEE JUMPING off the highest bungy in New Zealand, the Nevis Bungy at 134 meters (440 feet) with AJ Hackett.

I started my day early, woke up at 6:00 am, left the hotel by 7:30 and got to the AJ Hacket Station office in Queenstown for the 8:00 am departure.

We get to the Nevis at around 9:00 am where we put on our harnesses and head out to the cliff by the “shuttle” which takes us out to the jump pod. A small floating room hanging between two mountains.

NewZealand20110421 044

This is just out at the viewing deck. We jump on board a 6 person shuttle to get to the jump pod.

NewZealand20110421 049

That’s the jump pod.

NewZealand20110421 079

When we get to the pod, they attach these big cuffs to our ankles (of which would cause me stress later)

NewZealand20110421 062

NewZealand20110421 064

Here I am…. all tied up!

NewZealand20110421 072

Before I jumped… I videoed the guy who jumped right before me. You will notice that the pod has section of glass flooring where you can see the jumpers as they hang right beneath the pod..

They had me sit on this chair where they strap me into the harness and tie my feet so I wouldn’t waddle. You will notice that I strapped my Flip cam on my right wrist (you’ll see the my close up reaction later).


And here I am now at the point of no return. (heart pounding… thump-thump, thump-thump). Actually, until this point I am actually quite relaxed. I decided not to psyche myself out by thinking too much about the fact that I am jumping of a tiny ledge 134m down. Real fear just set in during the last 5 seconds right before they counted down.


they count off… 3 – 2 – 1 …. and there I gooooo…. (continued)




Another view…


And another view…


And now, the expression on my face… WOOHOOO!!!



As you can see from the photos, I am strapped at my feet so that we fall upside down. After our second bounce, we are supposed to pull this rip cord by our left leg to release our feet and enable us to sit upright when we brought back up.

As I reached the bottom on my first bounce, the attachment on my left leg probably tugged on my ankle pushing my shoe off. This also left a small scrape on my skin next to my ankle bone which I didn’t notice until I was back inside.


First the official video.

Second is my up close reaction shot from my Flip Cam I was holding on my right hand. Please note that any stress on my face was not caused by the jump… but due to my shoe taken off.

Oh yeah, one thing you have to remember is that since the camera is in my hand facing me… half of this video should be viewed upside down.

WOOOOHOOOOO! I DID IT!!!! It says so right here!!! (I decided to pay for the whole package of Photos + Videos + Printed photos… might as well di ba?)


Instead of getting my pictures and video on DVD, I opted for this all on USB…


And of course… the certificate!


This is definitely the most awesome thing I have ever done on my birthday! But wait… this is the first adventure of my birthday weekend!

Contact details: http://www.bungy.co.nz