The afternoon of my birthday, after doing bungy jumping in the morning at the Nevis, I went for a zip line adventure with ZipTrek. I had done the Outland Adventure, Xcelerator Zip Line in Davao twice in 2009 (which then boasted as the longest and fasted zip line in Asia… though I hear has since been surpassed). When I was looking over the activities I could do while in New Zealand, this six-stage Zip line seemed interesting.

A friend of mine originally suggested other tours which included white water rafting and a speedboat cruise. I decided I didn’t want to do any water-related activities because I didn’t want to get wet and have to change. Plus… it was kinda cold.

Side story: Since I got up early this morning, I had no chance to eat anything. I had to make my way up to the meeting point by 1:15pm. Aside from being my birthday, it being Good Friday, I unintentionally did my fasting for the day.

Getting there was interesting in it self. First I had to make myself to the Skyline Gondola which went up Bob’s Peak (I have no idea who Bob is and why he has a peak named after him). When my cab pulled up to the bottom of the Skyline Terminal, I could see the gondolas going up.

NewZealand20110421 091

NewZealand20110421 090

The gondola ride itself was interesting. As we went up there were sheep grazing on the mountain side.

NewZealand20110421 102

Reaching the top…

NewZealand20110421 103

From the top, the view of Queenstown was awesome!

NewZealand20110421 104

I made my way to the ZipTrek Jump off point.

NewZealand20110421 116

NewZealand20110421 119

All of the platforms are constructed right on the trees themselves and made with untreated lumber so as not to pollute the soil and water with chemicals.

NewZealand20110421 122

We strapped ourselves in and we were ready to go. It was around 1:30pm now, the whole tour would take around 3 hours.

NewZealand20110421 126

Here I am all strapped in. I look like a Meralco or PLDT line man…

NewZealand20110421 124 NewZealand20110421 125

I was first to jump off… weee!


As this was not just a zipline experience, it was a whole eco tour package. At each section we were given  a brief discussion on eco responsibilities for a self sustaining planet.

NewZealand20110421 127

Out guides Dave and Nick filled us with interesting facts and figures.

NewZealand20110421 132

As implied by the title of the blog, we jumped of 6 platforms. Each line had its own characteristics. Some longer than others. Some steeper than others.  In some stages they taught us how to get into an upside down stance, etc.

I took video of the others in my group going through the zip lines, the last few seconds here is me taking video during one of my zips…

NewZealand20110421 143

For the sixth stage, our eco tour had us go down from the trees for a 20 min trek down the mountain, which included more eco tour of the landscape.

NewZealand20110421 144

where we eventually reached the last platform…

NewZealand20110421 150

This last one was the steepest of the them all. So steep, that for safety reasons, they had to put up a bungy chord net up just in case we came in too fast…

NewZealand20110421 154

Whew! Here we are. We ended everything by around 4:30pm.

This was a great day. This is definitely not like any of the zip line adventures in the Philippines as this brings you through the forest canopies.

From here I decided to walk around Queenstown… and find something to eat.

ZipTrek offers two tours. They offer a 4-line tour called MOA, while the 6-line tour, KEA is what I took. Here are some interesting facts…

  • 6 Ziplines
  • Duration – 3 hours
  • Total flying distance – 940m
  • Longest line – 300m
  • Longest line descends 100m
  • Highest tree house is 8 storeys high (25m)
  • Reach speeds up to 70kph

Contact details: