Any observant follower of this blog will have noticed one of my favorite dishes. It’s a Chinese Chicken dish which is found in many countries, despite being named differently… White Chicken with ginger sauce, Steamed Chicken,  Chicken Rice, and Hainanese Chicken among many others. I particularly love the ginger sauce that almost always accompanies the dish… and on occasion, hoisin sauce. The rice it served with is either plain steamed (white) rice or Chicken Rice (rice with chicken broth). Anyway you look at it… it is an Asian dish.

I was with a friend at SM North Edsa last week when we passed by the Kenny Rogers at SM Annex and I saw the big words… Hainanese Chicken. Hmmm…. ok, it’s chicken at a chicken resto. But wait! It’s Kenny Roger’s! It’s named after the famous American country singer! It serves roasted chicken! Along with sides like mac and cheese, potatoes, and corn bread. Kenny Rogers is NOT an Asian restaurant by any stretch of the imagination! Ok fine.. it’s in Asia, so some artistic license is permitted.

As it was around 4pm at that time, it was an awkward time to have a chicken dish. For lunch today, fellow Hainanese Chicken addict Carlo Marcelo and I decided to give this dish a try at the Kenny Rogers in Trinoma, QC

So what do you get? As per the Philippine Kenny Rogers’ Website… for P185, you get 1/4 chicken, chili sauce, ginger, dark sweet soy sauce, chicken broth soup, hainanese rice.

So how does Hainanese Chicken at Kenny Rogers fare?

Hainanese Chicken

It’s quite good! It taste’s authentic enough. The taste isn’t overpowering or bland. I think the rice — which oddly had friend garlic sprinkled on it like your typical garlic rice — could have a richer chicken rice flavor. All in all… not bad.  I am sure you would not be disappointed. Again, for the connoisseur of Chicken Rice dishes, you know it could be improved… but it is good enough.

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