Fresh off my Hainanese Chicken encounter yesterday at Kenny Rogers… yes! Kenny Rogers! My unofficial quest for Hainanese Chicken continues.

A friend and I ventured to Tomas Morarto Avenue in Quezon City tonight for some dinner. We were on our way to some restaurant called Red Swan where I turned my head and the restaurant named Sentosa: Singaporean Chinese Restaurant caught my eye. I had just told Raoul my adventure at Kenny Rogers the night before when he uttered… “If it’s Singaporean, they probably have Chicken Rice”


As we sat down and looked through the menu… lo and behold… Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice… hehe.


We started off with our drink. Bottomless Pandan Iced Tea. Yumm! It’s an interesting and refreshing twist.IMG_1104

And out chicken came… ah. With the standard 3 sauces, some chicken broth soup…



And a cup of fragrant Chicken Rice.


The dish was authentic to the the T. Which made me think of the twist Kenny Roger’s had. I noticed that one was saltier. Less authentic, but more for the Filipino palette.

I added some Thai Prawn in Chili Sauce just for that extra dish. This was also very VERY tasty.


Yum… clearly a great authentic meal.

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