I remember going to the Joseph & Jaemark’s branch along Katipunan between Santolan and St. Ignatius Village during my college days, before there were places like Dencio’s that served up stuff like grilled tuna. That same said branch is now long gone. Since then, I have not had the opportunity to dine in the branches that followed (and since then have also vanished).

Much to my surprise when I came across this article in the Inquirer Website which talked about the opening of a new Joseph & Jaemark’s last November 2010 just off Timog in Quezon City. With my nostalgic tastebuds, I set off on my quest for tuna.

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We came in today for lunch. To our surprise, the place was empty for lunch. Apparently we were the only customers. The place has ample parking out front.

Joseph & Jaemark’s

They also have some outdoor seating. Perfect for evening inuman.

Joseph & Jaemark’s

Their placemats

Joseph & Jaemark’s

The menu

Joseph & Jaemark’s

We ordered two items… both Tuna.

First, my personal favorite. Crispy Buntot… fried to perfection. What I love about Crispy Buntot is that it reminds me so much of lechon (or as my friend said, Crispy Pata). Especially the fish version of “litid.” Yum!

Joseph & Jaemark’s

We had all but finsihed eating the buntot when the Inihaw na Panga came out, this making the buntot sort of an appetizer.

You would think two tuna dishes is redundant… well it is. But what makes this great is the differing textures of the two dishes.

The Inihaw na Panga dish was so soft, moist, and succulent! Especially coated in the Joseph & Jaemark’s secret sauce.

Joseph & Jaemark’s

That was sooo good. In short, lunch was so fulfilling.

By the way, the have some ongoing Lunch Promos…

Joseph & Jaemark’s

Contact Information:

Address: #5 Sgt. Esguerra Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City.
Phone: 410-TUNA (8862)
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JosephandJaemarks

UPDATE: (January 25, 2011) En route to Mother Ignacia from Timog, we passed Jopseph and Jaemark’s and noted that it is now closed. I don’t know what happened and I can venture to only make guesses. But the bottom line… it’s not there anymore.