Chic-Boy, Quezon City

Chic-Boy, Quezon City

I first encountered Chic-Boy when I was passing Jupiter Street one evening. I just passed it by and didn’t stop to go in. Naturally what intrigued me was the name. A restaurant named “Chic-Boy.” At that time, I didn’t know what kind of food it served. I later found out that what it stood for was… CHICken and baBOY. Cool, sounds intriguing.

Anyway, I have been planning to eat at a Chic-Boy for quite some time. Browsing their website earlier today, I realized that they now had two branches geographically compatible with me… Timog and West Avenue. So at the behest of a friend, we embarked to eat there tonight. We went for the Timog Branch.

Getting there is easy. Coming from EDSA, it’s just after the GMA Network Building on the left side, after the Caltex Station. It’s a block away from Buddy’s Pancit Lucban on the same side.
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Chic-Boy (Timog)

Luckily, there was parking at the time we drove up… that is always a big deal for me.

The first thing which struck me was the fact the place was huge! Like a few similar places, they had an “aircon” area and the bigger “outside” area. It was a cook evening, so I opted that we sit in the non-air-conditioned area.

Chic-Boy (Timog)

First step is to go to the order counter, where you place your orders then you get a number which you stick at your table and they bring the food to you. Kinda like the way its done at Mang Inasal.

Chic-Boy (Timog)

Since this is the first time for me, I said that we needed to order a chicken dish and a pork dish, to fully experience what Chic-Boy had to order. Choosing “specialties” we ended up ordering the Cebu Lechon Chicken, and the Cebu Lechon Liempo. We then got refillable Iced Teas (which at P25 is one of the cheapest “bottomless” Iced Teas around). The girl suggested that we take an order of Torones con Leche (P30) for dessert.

We then sat down and waited to be served…. which was quite quick. A lady came by and set up our spoon and forks followed by another lady who served us our soup that came with the meal order.

I took some time to appreciate the table’s amenities.

Each table has the customary soy sauce, vinegar, and… chicken oil (again I make a comparison to Mang Insasal) To be used on the rice.

Chic-Boy (Timog)

Next to this was something interesting. A bottle of crushed fried garlic. Yum!

Chic-Boy (Timog)

A little later, our food came…

We each had an order of Cebu Lechon Liempo (P99). This was one of the set meals… their “Chibog Busog Meals” It came with the soup and unlimited rice refills (rice all you can).

Chic-Boy (Timog)

And our half Cebu Lechon Manok (P120)

Chic-Boy (Timog)

And finally, our Torones con Leche (P30). I must say that at P30 and six pieces, this is not a bad deal at all. That dipping sauce in the end is some latik-tasting mixture.

Chic-Boy (Timog)

Everything was great! Let me start the commentary with the Torones de Leche. As I mentioned, at the price and six pieces, this dessert was just delicious! And the sauce was the perfect companion for this.

The Chicken and the Liempo we also delicious both cooked “Cebu Lechon”-style. Both served with what seemed like a special sweet vinegar. However we realized a mistake in our order. The Chicken and Liempo, as delicious as as it was… tasted the same. In our quest for ordering the house specialties, it didn’t occur to us that having been cooked in the same way, they would have the same taste. Mental note for a future visit.

I must say that the place delivered. As I noted from the prices, you get quite good deal and great value… P25 for a bottomless drink, P30 for a great 6 piece dessert, rice refills.

Highly recommended. I shall return and order other items on their menu.

Chic-Boy (Timog)


I had lunch today at the same Chic-Boy. I wanted to try the West Ave. Branch, but at lunch time, the Timog branch was closer and easier to get to.


As indicated in the sign above, since I had the Cebu Chicken Liempo and the Cebu Lechon Manok already from my last visit, I might as well try the other specialty… Chicken Inasal.

The Chicken Inasal was good. But in compatison, the Lechon Manok was juicier. The Insal process made the chicken a tad too dry.


Hmmm… this is new. Though I didn’t try it at this round. Di bagay sa Chicken ko. Next time. Oh, I head that they also sell these bottles.


And I had that Turon again. YUMMMM! As delicious as ever.



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  1. Parang Mang Inasal nga ang atmosphere, meron lang lechon sa menu, the torones de leche looks delicious…

  2. Chicboy is much, much better than Mang Inasal. The only time I ever tasted Mang Inasal’s food was my last. IMHO, everything about Mang Inasal is a letdown. I wouldn’t recommend their place, except to my enemies. They don’t even clean their tables and utensils properly.

    In Chicboy, you not only get tasty chicken oil (MI’s chicken oil was very bland) but you also get a hefty bottle of crushed garlic. So no need anymore to order garlic rice. Just add chicken oil, crushed garlic and knorr seasoning to your plain rice and you will get a delicious, tasty serving of nice fluffy rice to go along with the tastiest lechon liempo and manok in manila. Cleanliness and service is ok. Plus, IMO their real gem is the sinigang na salmon. At 49 pesos per order you will really be amazed. Order one for yourself to see what I mean.

    This place in one word is, PANALO!!!

    • Commented by Chicboy owner. LOL.

      • Haha! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  3. not your usual Inasal restaurant :) I wished other Inasal restos would get more creative with their menu rather than just sticking with Inasal

  4. I used to eat every week in ChicBoy..but lately the quality deteriorated na talaga..Then I tried again Mang i realized mas masarap parin talaga ang mang inasal. Nadala lang yata ako sa over-hype about Chicboy..hahahaha pero frankly, i smell something fishy about the chicboy hype where nagpa franchise siya within few months palang of operating..tsk..ang kawawa ang franchisees kasi the way i see it sa franchise fee siya humahabol e..and been to chicboy recto, 2 tables lang customer for lunch.tsktsk. nag die down na ang fuss and fad eh..bad chicboy bad. :((((

    • Hi Ana, I guess to each his own. I ate at both recently and the ChicBoy along Timog is a really nice place. Anyway, Mang Inasal is ok, but I still prefer ChicBoy over Mang Inasal. Then again, I prefer Chicken Bacolod better :)

      • Look at Chic-Boy’s website under Reviews. Ana Santilles and Will Rodriguez are singing the same tune in their comments. They are from Mang Inasal. Nasaktan kasi sila ng Chic-Boy. Wala na silang maisip na strategy para mapalakas ang Mang Inasal. THEY ARE DESPERATE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 27 stores pa lang ang Chic-Boy takot na takot na sila.

      • You will notice ang mga comments ni Rodriguezwill lahat paninira sa chic-boy. Nasasaktan na kasi yung company nila. Bumabagsak ang sales. This attack is very elementary, unprofessional and immature. Nakakaawa kasi maliit pa lang si chic-boy nasasaktaan na sila.

  5. What is ChicBoy’s mission vision?



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