At around noon today, I decided to pass by the big IKEA store along 101 in Palo Alto. As it was lunch time, I decided that before I do any shopping, I would head directly to the café and have a dish of my favorite Swedish Meatballs. Like most stuff in IKEA, food is quite cheap and it’s always a treat to have something “different.” And to think I was about to pass McDonald’s before heading to Ikea.

And for those of you who think IKEA is only about cheap, quality, knock down furniture… the next time you find yourself in an IKEA, be sure to drop by their Café and Restaurant.

The “components” to my mean includes…


Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes with gravy and Lingonberry sauce.


Vegetable Chili Soup (I know, it sounds repulsive to have a chili without meat)


And for dessert… Princess Cake. It’s a Vanilla and Custard Cake… yum


Ah. Delicious Lunch.