Tried out this new Burger Joint. The Five Guys branch I went to was in Pleasant Hill, CA just North of Walnut Creek. It’s an interesting dinner-type place which had its beginnings in Arlington, Virginia in the mid 1980s.

On the onset it resembles an In-and-Out Burger joint.


Ordering was interesting. Apparently their standard burger is a dual-patty burger. The single patty is a “mini-burger”. It comes with 15 free topics… I chose most and left out the rather deadly ones like jalapeños.

While waiting, guests could snack on some free peanuts…




Our food was served in paper bags… which is standard even if you are dining in.

First our plentiful servings of “small” fries… we should have just bought 1 large,



And then… the burgers…

This was huge! Needless to say, I didn’t finish it. I think I ate less than half of this before I have up.


Hmmm… sacks and sacks of Potatoes like the store.


Interesting place.