What an interesting name. Nomnomnom was recommended to me by my eldest godson. He new I was into “hall-in-the-wall” restos and he promised some really interesting and good food fare in this little hidden resto located on the corner of Tomas Morato and E.Rodriguez.

My first surprise was the building itself. It had always been there… an old dusky grey building which is now… orange. I haven’t passed the intersection in such a long time and just never noticed but I was surprised to see it home to many restaurants in the building itself… and oddly, it had one spa.

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We got there at around 6:16pm. (My aplogies now for the quality of my iPhone pictures, it was dark and lighting was bad)


When we arrived it was devoid of guests. The crew were the only ones there and they were setting up for that evening’s 80’s activity. But no sooner than we sat down, other came in and within 30 minutes the place was packed with others having to sit outside. Hint… go there early.

The décor was cozy. We were sitting in front of wall with lomo pics.


I was new to the place, so I left the ordering to my godson, Raoul.

First up… Fried Ravioli.


Then VST. Tomatoes stuffed with cheese, spinach, and mushrooms with Focaccia bread.


And finally… Malinomnom. A Pizza with tinapa.


All the food was delicious. And quite interesting.

However, I did have one issue… not Nomnomnom’s fault, but rather my godson’s ordering. I realized that none of the food had meat in it. All items were also quite heavy on the starch… particularly the Malinomnom, which made me full real fast. And going back… I would have appreciated some meat! I should have had the Lime Chicken.

It was an interesting experience… I shall go back here.