Have you ever planned a trip somewhere only to have the flight cancelled by natural circumstances – specifically a storm around Manila. Such is what was the case for me last year when I was supposed to meet up with Jasper (aka The Backpack Boy) in Dumaguete last year.

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This particular trip was just a day trip. I fly in in the morning, then fly out in the afternoon. In as much as I would have liked to stay longer and perhaps spend some time diving in Apo island, I had to go back to Manila to be Ninong to twins the next day.

In preparing for this trip, I decided to just take in the city. Many of those I asked couldn’t really tell me much about Dumaguete as they usually moved on to other places like Apo Island or Siquijor.

The city proper itself was quite small much of it could be reached patiently on foot as I discovered. And in the brief time I was there, I had gone back and forth around 3-4 times.

I took the Cebu Pacific flight which got me into Dumaguete at around 7am.

I quickly roamed around, and noting that most eating establishments were still closed, I ended up having breakfast at Joe’s Chicken Inato.


Ah, the meal is as expected. Yum Smile


What I found cute and disturbing was that the resto had a rooster at the corner that would crow every now and then. Seemed weird to have a live chicken as he looks on as his brothers and sisters are roasted and served.


I then proceeded to tour the famous Siliman University which takes up a lot of the area of Dumaguete City itself.


The Siliman University Church

Dumaguete20100925 012

The church interior

Dumaguete20100925 014

Siliman Study Hall

Dumaguete20100925 026

The grounds

Dumaguete20100925 015

Hehe… seems kinda sexist. I wonder if there was a Gal Hall. (of course I am just kidding)

Dumaguete20100925 031

From Siliman University I went in search of a famous little café called Sansrival Cakes and Pastries.


I first learned about Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries from Angel Juarez’s Lakwatsero website. I decided to try it out. I had heard about this from other people and everyone had great feedback.

Dumaguete20100925 033

I asked one of the staff what was there best seller. She suggested the Daty & Walnut Daquiose. So I ordered a slice.


While waiting, I was wondering why I didn’t see any Sansrival in the display case considering the name of the place. The waitress said that they kept the sansrival in a freezer. So I ordered a slice of that too! (Yes you can imagine by blood sugar going crazy at this point.)

OH MY GOD! This was probably the BEST Sansrival I had ever eaten EVER! And I have had many!


After two slices of cake I proceeded outside to work off the sugar I just consumed. I proceeded to search for the famous Dumaguete Bell Tower.

I found the St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral, a beautiful church, to which the bell tower was adjacent to.

Dumaguete20100925 042

And right next to it… the bell tower.

Dumaguete20100925 044

Dumaguete20100925 048

Dumaguete20100925 040

From the Bell Tower, I decided to walk up and down the famous Rizal Boulevard. I could imagine that the place looks festive at night when all the bars and restaurants are open. But it is still quite a scene during the day time.

Dumaguete20100925 005

Dumaguete20100925 049

Dumaguete20100925 007

Lunch proved to be a challenge due to the number of restaurants to choose from. I ended up at a placed called Mamia’s


I ordered a nice steak…  yum.

Dumaguete20100925 057

After lunch I continued down Rizal Boulevard and encountered an interesting statue/monument. From a far I was wondering what a bunch of nuns were doing here…

Dumaguete20100925 054

Of course there was the plaque explaining that the Sisters of St. Paul of Charities arrived in 1904 and their work in education for the children of Negros Island.

Dumaguete20100925 052

The rest of my afternoon before I proceeded back to airport for my flight back to Manila was spent getting a nice and extremely relaxing 1.5 hour massage which only cost me P190. Aaah.

I realize that a day-trip Lakwatsa from Manila to Dumaguete isn’t the way regular folk would spend a lazy Saturday. The particular trip was nice, educational, and oddly relaxing. Where most of my trips are sometimes without a set plan, I rather find this kind of trip where I just soak up the city quite a different and enjoyable experience (as opposed to a sometimes stress-filled, planned out vacation).

On to my next Lakwatsa…