A few years ago, on an evening flight from Seattle to San Francisco aboard Alaska Airlines, I got a treat during the usual flight announcements over the PA. The FA made his announcements in the voice of Mr. Scott from Star Trek and talked about members of the crew as if they were the crew of the Enterprise. That was a treat for me because for those that travel, you get to realize that the announcements can get rather boring and in the end you feel that no one really listens to most of them and that they are just legal requirements.

Anyway, I always appreciate it when the crew does something extra to make things interesting for the passengers.

That said, I have always enjoyed Cebu Pacific’s attempts at all sorts of gimmicks, no matter how baduy, to entertain passengers. We are aware of their “fun games” on board. I actually unwittingly joined the contests a few times and have some shallow prizes to prove it.

One of my travel buddies, Patrick Mineses (aka. Bakasyunista) shared this video with me a few minutes ago. I found it so cute!

We all know that for seasoned travellers, the flight safety spiel about seatbelts and life jackets can be quite boring. Well here is what Cebu Pacific is doing to help spice things up…

Let me make it clear that this video is not mine. I did not take this video. It is posed by someone on YouTube.