I had gone skydiving two weeks ago when I was in Southern California (see post here) and that was certainly quite an adrenaline rush. That was one item off my bucket list. When I arrived in Seattle this week, my high school classmate, Mario Alinea asked if would be interested in going parasailing. Of course I jumped at it.

I took the bus to Tacoma which is south of Seattle where he picked me up.

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We got to the site just before our 6pm appointment. Yes, 6pm! It is still summer after all. So there was still a lot of light.



After filling up all the customary forms, you know, the “I will not sue you if I die” waivers…. we boarded the boat and we were on our way.


We suited up with the straps and our life vests and we ready.


First they inflate the chute



Mario was the first to go up.


I took the first salvo of photos and video. He was up for around 10 min (which did seem kinda long) and then it was my turn.

I’m all strapped in. Initially we are told to sit down on the deck and let the parachute to pull us up.


Here I go!!!


Woohoo! My first reaction… it is sure doesn’t have the same anxiety as jumping from a plane at 12,000 feet but it is still thrilling in its own way.




Here is another one with Mr. Ranier in the background! That is the port of Tacoma in the foreground. I like this shot.


The parachute brings you up to 600 feet. There was an option to go up to 1000 feet for an additional 10 bucks, be were happy with the regular 600.


When I went up, I brought my Flip Video Camcorder with me. I tried to take video while I was up there. I had no strap on my camera so I was so nervous it would fall. Also, every time the boat would change direction, the parachute would vibrate, making it difficult for me to do the video. So here is what I have…


Parasailing at Tacoma, Washington

Mind you it is almost sunset. So depending on the direction of the boat, the sun is quite low. So I have a few nice shots like the one below.



Here I am coming in!

IMGA0332As they reel you in. They make it so you can dip your feet into the water… then they speed up the boat so you go up again!


Safe… and dry landing.


That was fun!!! Highly recommended if you get the chance!