I flew into Seattle to spend a week in the city. I have been to Seattle around 4 or 5 times in the past and I never tire of the city. Just like San Francisco, Seattle has a certain charm about it. For this blog post I decided to throw in bits and pieces of the few days I would spend in the city.

This trip, I stayed at the weekend condo of a high school classmate of mine Mario Alinea.

On my first night, Mario treated me to a small very eclectic bar near the condo… the 5 Point Café and Bar. We ended up here because I wasn’t really up to eating in some snooty and pretentious resto… this place, he says, is one of his favorite hole-in-the-walls.


And they serve their customers well…


This sloppy dish below is what I had… the Chicken Fried Chicken with Mashed Potatoes. Ok, it may look like slop… but it was soooo good.


The next day was quite wet. It rained and rained. I walked over to the Seattle Space Needle (for the nth time), but this time my destination was the Science Fiction Museum, part of the Experience Music Project of Paul Allen.


Inside were many icons of Science Fiction like the robot from the original “The day the Earth stood still”


And other great Sci Fi Robots!



Later that dat, Mario brought me to the city of Fremont for some under-the-bridge sculpture called… the Fremont Toll.



For dinner, we went to this interesting resto called “Bizzaro”DSC00095

It was… very bizzare


I ordered an Elk Bolognese Pasta. It was quite good… though it tasted just like beef.

Walking around Seattle, I saw a rather… interesting sight. A bike frame, securely attached to the bike rack. With everything missing except the frame, front wheel fork, gears and pedals. Makes you wonder how to secure your bike.,



The famous Pike Street Public Market


DSC00129The first Starbucks ever. The people in front were watching street performers in front.


Fresh produce


The Seattle Art Museum and its famous sculpture.


Seattle is one of those great cities with an artsy personality.