Outside of the Philippines, my favorite city in the world is San Francisco. It has its mix of old and new world charm. As a famed “melting pot” of different cultures it isn’t uncommon to hear different languages being spoken on the streets of SF as you walk from one end of the street to another. Here are just some pics of what I saw today.

Because parking in San Francisco is sooo expensive. I took the BART (http://www.bart.gov/) or Bay Area Rapid Transit into the city.

SanFrancisco201008 080

At the Powell Street Bart Station where I got off, the station was plastered with Blackberry ads all over. This particular ad caught my eye as it speaks vividly as to how I see relationship today because of the miracle that is the Internet. As opposed to the olden days, it was much easier to get homesick when communication was either difficult or expensive. Today, the Internet fills in that gap with instant updates with e-mail, chatting, and tools like Facebook keep people up-to-date on what’s happening with friends and family.

SanFrancisco201008 082

I found this cool. Tourists everywhere walking on the streets with their luggage. Some of them arrived from airport via BART. Some by bus. Some just walking around.

SanFrancisco201008 086

Second to the Golden Gate Bridge, the Cable Car is the iconic symbol that is San Francisco.

SanFrancisco201008 090

Lunch at my favorite Pizza place. Blondie’s. Where the servers are rude, grumpy, and argue with each other from behind the counter. Ah, but the pizza is soooo good!

SanFrancisco201008 095

Ah… so many people lining up to ride the Cable Cars to head over to Fisherman’s Wharf. My rough estimate is that the wait is around 30-45 min to get on from the time your purchase your ticket.

SanFrancisco201008 099

Aah… the Temple of GAP.

SanFrancisco201008 100

The Marriot at St. Francis in front of Union Square.

SanFrancisco201008 111

Cold Stone Creamery! YUM! I had a Very Vanilla Milk Shake here.

SanFrancisco201008 103

SanFrancisco201008 105

That’s an odd lucking tour vehicle in front of Union Square.

SanFrancisco201008 109

aw… hearts

SanFrancisco201008 115