One of the iconic symbols of San Francisco in the food arena is sourdough bread. I know a lot of Pinoys don’t usually relish the sour-tasting bread as evidenced every time I have my friends taste real sourdough when we visit San Francisco. It is an acquired tasted… and I believe I have acquired it. When you do visit San Francisco and mention sourdough to a local, top-of-mind would be the Boudin Bakery (

You can have sourdough with anything… usually as a sandwich. For me personally, I love it with Clam Chowder. In fact, I like the Clam Chowder with sourdough as the bread bowl.


SanFrancisco201008 117

And so on this day, this alone was my lunch. While I don’t normally just have soup as a meal in itself, I love dipping the bread into the creamy soup full of potatoes and clams. San Francisco clam chowder is in effect very close to the “New England” clam chowder which is of the cream soup variety.

SanFrancisco201008 118

I never actually get to eating the bowl itself. For my Asian appetite, the bread in the “cover” (see above left) is more than enough bread for me to eat. I would scrape the insides of the bowl, I normally don’t get to the point where I break the bread bowl itself .


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