When one visits Pagudpud, one normally goes to Saud, the first row of beaches to the left of the main road just as you enter the town of  Pagudpud. The beaches in Saud are your typical white sand beaches and come to life in the evenings. Hours before, my hosts had suggested that I head for Blue Lagoon, one of those “little known” hideaways.

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We had just come from the Bangui Windmills when we entered the town of Pagudpud. We passed Saud and headed further northward towards the Blue Lagoon. Around 20 min further than Saud, we eventually entered Blue Lagoon

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Fom the time we entered, the little town had a mystique about it.

Kapuluan Beach Resort

Here’s the problem, I had no place to stay. We had called ahead of time, but the hotel my hosts wanted to bring me to… Kapuluan Vista Resort was full.

We decided to stop at an interesting resort… Hanah’s Beach Resprt and Convention Center. After looking around, I decided that I did not want to stay in this cement monstrosity. To be fair, the place as not ugly. It looked like a subdivision in Metro Manila. Am not sure what it was going for, but the place certainly did not fit the otheriwse rustic feel of the beach. Which was sad.

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A little more down the way, we got to Kapuluan Vista Resort. Lucky for me, they did have some beds available in the “dormitory” style accommodation. It was quite affordable, and not really as dormitory as I thought. There are a number of these rooms, and though there were two beds, I was the only one in the room.

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Here is the combination reception desk and bar…

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The dining area was very zen. Definitely a comfortable and relaxing area.

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Below are the normal guest rooms, next to a beautiful infinity pool.

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The pathway from the pool to the dormitory rooms.

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Surfboards. Apparently, every other guest was a surfer, I met many of them right before the headed out to hit the waves the next morning.

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Right outside the resort’s front gates, are these cozy little huts where one can relax amidst the view of the beach.

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The pool…

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Walking around at dusk

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Walking around Blue Lagoon the next morning…

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IlocosNorte20100128 282


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There you have it. I let the pictures do the talking. The beach was beautiful. I shall come back here.

Kapuluan was a fantastic little boutique resort, Mike, the owner, would come up to me several times to make sure that I was ok and that all was ok. The staff was all so accommodating. The resort’s restaurant had a great selection of food items so you don’t need to go far for a meal.

Contact Information:
Kapuluan Vista Resort
Sitio Baniaran, Barangay Balaoi
Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte
E-Mail: kapuluan_vista_resort@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.tjhawaii.com/kvr

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