Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte-January 29, 2010

Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte-January 29, 2010

When one visits Pagudpud, one normally goes to Saud, the first row of beaches to the left of the main road just as you enter the town of  Pagudpud. The beaches in Saud are your typical white sand beaches and come to life in the evenings. Hours before, my hosts had suggested that I head for Blue Lagoon, one of those “little known” hideaways.

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We had just come from the Bangui Windmills when we entered the town of Pagudpud. We passed Saud and headed further northward towards the Blue Lagoon. Around 20 min further than Saud, we eventually entered Blue Lagoon

IlocosNorte20100128 324

Fom the time we entered, the little town had a mystique about it.

Kapuluan Beach Resort

Here’s the problem, I had no place to stay. We had called ahead of time, but the hotel my hosts wanted to bring me to… Kapuluan Vista Resort was full.

We decided to stop at an interesting resort… Hanah’s Beach Resprt and Convention Center. After looking around, I decided that I did not want to stay in this cement monstrosity. To be fair, the place as not ugly. It looked like a subdivision in Metro Manila. Am not sure what it was going for, but the place certainly did not fit the otheriwse rustic feel of the beach. Which was sad.

IlocosNorte20100128 306

A little more down the way, we got to Kapuluan Vista Resort. Lucky for me, they did have some beds available in the “dormitory” style accommodation. It was quite affordable, and not really as dormitory as I thought. There are a number of these rooms, and though there were two beds, I was the only one in the room.

IlocosNorte20100128 220

Here is the combination reception desk and bar…

IlocosNorte2 098

The dining area was very zen. Definitely a comfortable and relaxing area.

IlocosNorte2 099

Below are the normal guest rooms, next to a beautiful infinity pool.

IlocosNorte20100128 230

The pathway from the pool to the dormitory rooms.

IlocosNorte20100128 236

Surfboards. Apparently, every other guest was a surfer, I met many of them right before the headed out to hit the waves the next morning.

IlocosNorte20100128 233

Right outside the resort’s front gates, are these cozy little huts where one can relax amidst the view of the beach.

IlocosNorte2 102

The pool…

IlocosNorte2 108

Walking around at dusk

IlocosNorte20100128 222

IlocosNorte20100128 242

IlocosNorte20100128 264

Walking around Blue Lagoon the next morning…

IlocosNorte20100128 277

IlocosNorte20100128 282


IlocosNorte20100128 291

IlocosNorte20100128 293

IlocosNorte20100128 299

IlocosNorte20100128 302

IlocosNorte20100128 304

IlocosNorte20100128 330

IlocosNorte20100128 312

There you have it. I let the pictures do the talking. The beach was beautiful. I shall come back here.

Kapuluan was a fantastic little boutique resort, Mike, the owner, would come up to me several times to make sure that I was ok and that all was ok. The staff was all so accommodating. The resort’s restaurant had a great selection of food items so you don’t need to go far for a meal.

Contact Information:
Kapuluan Vista Resort
Sitio Baniaran, Barangay Balaoi
Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

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  1. im soooooo inlove with the blue lagoon and Kapuluan Resort… iv been there twice… first was when that ugly Hannah resort was nonexistent yet… the whole place was soooo lovely… more like a secret paradise for us because there ain’t too many people except the locals…. the next time we went back, im just completely disappointed with Hannahs… with all the banana boat and boat ride to the Dos Hermanos… urrrggghhhh!!!! hate hate much!

    • Haha… you agree with my assesment of Hannah?

      • yeah…. im glad di lang kami ng mga pagudpud buddies ko ang nakakafeel nun… panira noh??? il try to look for our photos pre-hannah days ng blue lagoon…. sana they wont let any resort to rise pa sa area na yun… para di masayang…. dun na lang sana sa Saud beach yung mga ganito… hehehe

    • actually hannah’s just been my choice in so many pagudpod beaches.
      when i red this blog, i feel that i’ve made a right decision to stay in Kapuluan vista resort. Me and my girlfriend soon to be there at holy week and will stay for 3 days and two nights..thanks for this lakwatsero as i accidentally browse this blog and got those pics and info and i can’t wait to be there by nice and great photos..
      are the foods great?

      • Hi Jonathan,

        I guess it all depends on personal taste. Some people might like Hahnah’s. When I was there and inquired, the place was almost fully booked. For me, I thought the place looked so ugly and out of place.

        The food at Kapuluan was great! If you do go there, try the Eggless Leche Flan!

  2. hi! i like your site and you take great pictures too… Pagudpud, as i heard from most people who had been there, is really a lovely place… i haven’t been there but it’s in my long list of my must-visit places in the phil…hehe.. and yes your right, the pictures had said it all… its paradise… :))

    I enjoyed reading your entry here and now i might read your other entries too.. Really informative.. Now i know what to look for, where to stay and what to do if given the chance to go there… :)

    Im glad most of your entries here are also the places that are listed in my must-visit places.. and i am also glad i have accomplished one tour already (and once you have visited one place, you just can’t get enough, you just want to go visit more places, its addicting.. hehehe.. super enjoyed Puerto Prinsesa last November)

    Goodluck with your travels… :)) and.. uhmm.. can i also ask what camera you are using? thanks… :)

    • Hi Raine, Thanks for visiting my blog. On your question what camera I use. I have a Nikon D90 DSLR, but I always bring around my Sony Cybershot for those quick moments when an SLR is just to big and bulky. Some of my pics are also from my iPhone 4.

      I wasn’t always a traveller. Dati hanggang wish lang. Until someone dared me. And now, its one of my passions. Good luck on your travells and safe journey!

  3. pumunta kami nang hannahs beach resort sa pagudpud ilocos norte last week.di ganun ung expectation nmen . di pala maganda.but pag nkita mo sa internet mapa2 wow ka.hay layo pa nman nang binyahe nmen . pampanga to pagupud ilocos norte. panira nang araw yun.badtrip lahat kame .di nko ba2lik dun sana sa saud nalang kame pumunta:D

    • Hannah’s just ruins it for me in Blue Lagoon It is very ugly. Mahal pa.

    • oh?d mganda?
      hmmm.gaganda un cguro basta ung mga mahahalagang tao sa buhay mo ung kasama mo.hmm.pero depende parin sayo .ako kc bsta ung mga mahal ko ksama ko kht saaan panget man ung lugar o mganda…sasaya at sasaya ako tiyak .:)

  4. sir magkano per night dyan sa blue lagoon???

    • Hmmm… I don’t recall. Perhaps you can contact the resort directly.

  5. how can i go to kapuluan resort? is it easy to find when you’re in blue lagoon?

  6. hello! ask ko lang pano po pumunta sa kapuluan vista? ano po sasakyan? madali lang po ba itong makita? pupunta kasi kame ng husband ko this november Godwilling. tnks sa help

  7. lakwatsero,

    am mark, from benguet province
    actually, we just came back here last night from our 3 days & 2 nights tour at ilocos sur & ilocos norte…

    …actually, we didn’t get inside the hannah’s, but when i saw it i felt like it’s really that not much welcoming (maybe because of its entrance fee and their rate, maybe) so we just took pictures outside of it…

    i do feel the ambiance of the place but i think that it’s being commercialized now

    that’s why, with the help of our guide / driver, we took his advice that we should stay out and rent some cottages and order our foods in one of the place there that he knows

    still, we do enjoy our beach escapade although it’s only half day
    that’s why, i think that blue lagoon beach is one of the sexiest beaches here in the philippines and a good place to satisfy ourselves when we want to stay out of the city and go for taking a rest here in the north side of the country

  8. Dude thanks for your blog at least I already had an idea what place me and my friends might stay in. We will be visitng this paradise two weeks from now. How much is the cheapest room rate of Kapuluan Beach Resort? Is there a room good for three persons? Any tips when we reached Pagudpud? I hoped you can give us more information. Thanks

  9. dude thanks for your blog. you give me an idea where me and my friends might stay this coming september. how much is the cheapest room rate of kapuluan resort that is good for three persons? i hope you can reply the soonest. thanks!


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