As I write this blog post, I am currently en route from San Francisco to Seattle on board an Alaska Airlines flight. Yup… I am blogging from approximately 37,000 feet. The plane is equipped with a WiFi service offered by a company called Gogo (gogoinflight.com).


The service isn’t free. It costs a measly $4.95 for the duration on the flirght (in this case, 1 hour 45 min). Which, if you are cheap is still five bucks. But for the easily bored techie such as I, this is a fascinating treat. I don’t know if I will use the service again, but hey! It is sooo cool! i had to try it right?

So I’m tapping away on my iPad right now. I am not sure how fast it is, I’ll try YouTube later.

As far as I figure the service is available only on equipped plains within most (not all) of United States. I guess it will be a while till our local airlines like Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines will offer WiFiservice in the air… they don’t even know what "flight mode" means.

Below… after I posted the blog from the air…


The WiFi service is decent for browsing websites and checking e-mail. It also performed ok when I logged into YM from my iPad. But it was an epic fail for YouTube when I tried viewing a few videos. I’m wondering now how VOIP software would fare.

Now this is what I call Cloud Computing.