Santo Niño Shrine, Tacloban City, Leyte-July 10, 2010

Santo Niño Shrine, Tacloban City, Leyte-July 10, 2010

While I was in Leyte, between a short tour of Tacloban City and en route to the MacArthur Landing Memorial, my driver, Mang Pat suggested that I visit the Santo Niño Shrine. This was a totally unexpected and unplanned diversion as part of my Leyte Lakwatsa. I didn’t know much about the place. Pat didn’t say except him saying it was a museum by former First Lady Imelda R. Marcos. As such, I naturally assumed it was a museum on the Sta. Niño… the child Jesus. Hehe. Boy was I wrong.


Tacloban20100711 094

The shrine is actually a museum or the Romualdez Museum who hail from Leyte. The shrine was an actual mansion during the Marcos era. It coontains a huge chapel which seats around 300 people, 13 themed guestrooms on the first floor, and 8 bedrooms (each for the members of the Marcos family, Ferdinand, Imelda, Bongbong, Imee, Irene, Aimee, The Governor (Imelda’s brother) and Ferdinand’s bodyguard).

Tacloban20100711 095

When you enter the front doors, there is a lady who is collecting a fee to tour the museum. P200 entrance plus extra to take pictures. I quickly commented that P200 was kinda expensive… so I was given a “discount” and my picture-taking fee was waived. In retrospect, as I was touring the place, I realized that the P200 would really go quite a way for the upkeep of the place. It was really in a very sad state.

While it was called the Santo Nino Shrine, I actually only saw two Sto. Ninos. The first was this small one at the end of this huge hallway past the front entrance in what looked like a chapel.

Tacloban20100711 097

I then started my tour… which was part of what I had paid for. First I would see each of the 13 themed guest rooms. I didn’t bother taking pictures of everything…. I also don’t remember all of the themes…

I think this was the Igorot Guest Room.

Tacloban20100711 098

The Capiz Guest Room

Tacloban20100711 100

What was kinda sadwas that as we went around, my guide had to turn on the lights as we came in, and turned them off as we left. I guess they were trying to keep electricity costs down. The place by itself was very very gloomy and of course only gets light when guests pass through.

Below is a siiting room

Tacloban20100711 102

A 22 seater conference table (the upstairs had a 30 seater one)

Tacloban20100711 106

I went into the grand ballroom, but it was so gloomy the resulting picture from my camera wasn’t very nice. I did capture this interesting… “throne”. There was a duplicate on the opposite side with the papal seal on it. Was this KIng Ferdinand’s?

Tacloban20100711 113

The second floor. Sitting area. There were pictures of Ferdinand and Imelda everywhere.

Tacloban20100711 115

Ferdinand Marcos’ Bedroom

Tacloban20100711 117

His desk.

Tacloban20100711 121

Imelda’s room. Yes apparently they slept separately… this room was on the far opposide side where Ferdinand’s room was. One wing was for the girls, another wing for the girls.

Tacloban20100711 123

Tacloban20100711 124

Imelda’s bathroom

Tacloban20100711 122

Bongbong’s room… which was oddly 3x the size of Imee and Irene.

Tacloban20100711 125

Immaculate Concepcion Mosaic back in the ground floor.

Tacloban20100711 128

It was a very interesting tour through a period in history. It is sad the place is so dilapidated, dusty, dirty. The walls were full of mold and the sheets, curtains, and carpets probably have not been cleaned since the Marcosses fled the Philippines in 1986. Since then, I guess the Philippine Government since Cory Aquino’s time didn’t want to spend any money for the upkeep of the place. The place is part of history, and despite how people see the infamy of the Marcos era and anything related to it, this Museum is one site that deserves restoration and maintenance. Alas, I guess even historical sites are politicized as well.

If you ever find yourself in Tacloban City… this place is worth the visit for the history that comes with the place. It is great if you lived through the Martial Law era, but even if you were born afterwards, this place holds a lot of history. It certainly shows the opulence of the Marcos era and how the First Family lived at that time. Tags:


  1. Nakakatawa yung “Bawal Umupo” sign. hehe

  2. wow,

    iba ka talaga sir jojo, taga leyte rin ako, pero sa calubian nga lang,
    hindi ko pa napupuntahan yang lugar na yan..
    d bale siguro pagumuwi ako…
    by the way malapit narin nga po pala ung festival sa calubian this coming august.baka gusto nyo pumunta dun sir.

  3. I had the chance to visit this place a some years ago. I was really amazed by its grandeur. I like the room with small lights installed to the ceiling and the baby Jesus made entirely of jade. It was very heavy. Oh, and of course, the eternity mirror. =)

    Sayang nga e. It is not being maintained. I noticed before yung mga items dun my codes or serial numbers.

  4. hello… we’ve just been there last month too! and the Sto Nino Shrine was a nice surprise in our trip… we initially hesitated to go inside because of the price but then decided to go… sayang naman at nandun na rin kami… me and my friend split responsibilities… since we paid for only 1 cam… she was the one taking photos and im the one taking down notes… hehehe im still working on our blogpost since it’s waaayyy too long… :-) but its nice to find your blog about the place… because initially i have not found anything that’s why we really dont have any idea what’s inside that’s worth the Php200 entrance fee… 😀

    • Hi! Yeah, the price is a little on the high side. But midway through the tour I was thinking that its worth naman the little help we give for the up keep of the place. No matter what your opinion may be on the Marcoses, it is still part of history and should be maintained.

  5. agree… :-)

    ey exchange links po tayo? :-)

      • super thanks po! added you na rin… 😀

  6. hahah.. bawal umopo nung tour guide pa ako dun pinapaupo ko para mafeel naman ng guest ang P200.00 pesos entrance nila… heheheh well ojt lang naman aku dun…

  7. i wonder lang kung ako yung guide nyo… hmm kasi yung date mo… nanjan pa ako nun.. heheheh

  8. Actually, the museum is just that, a museum. The family never ever lived there. It was just a showcase. This was according the guide that showed us around.

  9. nakapunta na ko dito ng 3 times hehehe at hindi ako nagsasawa. last sunday lang galing ako dito kasi me kasama kami sa tacloban na first time lang pumunta. hindi sya nasira totally ng yolanda. kung sana na maintain sya mas maganda.


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