You may remember my recent discovery and experience at Pino Restaurant in Quezon City in the new location along Malingap Street. Today I visited another restaurant which is located along Maginhawa street in the previous location of Pino. The restaurant is called “Sancho”


Took me a while to figure out what a “churreria” was…


They had quite a mouth watering dessert ref.


Ok, here is what we had for lunch.

I ordered clam chowder for my soup. (Angie ordered Spinach Soup). The clam chowder was not the typical “New England Clam Chowder” style that was thick and had potatoes. It was actually quite light and goood. Had real clams (well, halaan) in it.


For my main course, I ordered classic Salpicao… yum!


Angie ordered Beef Pot Pie. This was sooo good! Yes, I didn’t order this, but I finished it! It was topped with mashed potatoes.


For dessert. I had… Brazo de Mercedes!!!


Angie had a cream puff


Apparently one of the specialties of Sancho is Churros cn Chocolate. Maybe next time, we were here for lunch.

It was funny for a moment. There were a number of people coming in who were actually looking for Pino. They probably had the old address. Our waitress was very patient and gave the directions to Pino which was just around the corner.


Came back a few for times since my first visit.

I tried this very creamy Chicken and Mushroom soup. Ooo… so good! Then again, all their soups are. I also tried the spinach soup. Delicious!


For my main dish, I tried the Beef Stew with Potatoes. I had this with that school of mashed potatoes instead of rice.


For dessert, Angie ordered this double chocolate cake. My reaction as I put it in my mouth was… OH MY GOD! That says it all!


But I needed to order the Churros con chocolate. Served hot, the churros were simply perfectly prepared!



Contact Details:

122 Maginhawa St., Teachers Village
Quezon City, Metro Manila

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